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Ring ZERO S – Wearable Tech With Gesture Control

Control your smartphones as well as home appliances by using gesture control with the Ring ZERO S. The battery will last up to 3 days in energy saving mode and 12 hours in active mode. The charging stand is elegant and will charge your Ring in a sophisticated way as and when required.

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Personalized Phone and Apple Watch Docking Station

Personalized Phone and Apple Watch Docking Station Personalized Phone and Apple Watch Docking Station0
A catch-all docking station made to hold your phone and Apple watch as they charge. It can also hold a wallet, keys, glasses, jewelry and more. It’s made from Cherry wood and can be personalized with a name or initials.

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iGlowCageB – Water Bottle and Cage With LED Light by Topeak

Make your bike rides at night super entertaining and brightly lit up with iGlowCageB. It’s a unique water bottle and cage combo for your bike which has been integrated with a bright RGB LED for clear visibility in the dark. You can select among various colors and get to experience a 360 degree visibility of your bike at night.

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Guitar Wing – Wireless Guitar Controller by Livid Instruments

You won’t need to modify your existing instrument in order to enjoy the powers of Guitar Wing. It can fit any standard electric guitar or bass and communicates with your computer by using wireless technology.

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Emissary Camera Bag

Beyond holding your gear. The Emissary directly connects you to your photography experience. This advanced camera bag uses locking mechanism that makes velcro and zippers a thing of the past. It features a patent-pending lens cap mount that keeps caps of any size safe, and the attachable pocket compartments allow you to utilize and organize your tools as you like.

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Bamboo Gameboy iPhone 6/6+ Case

Make your iPhone 6/6+ highlight the vintage gaming era with this Bamboo Gameboy iPhone 6 6+ Case. It’s a superb case made out of bamboo which can enhance the overall appearance of your iPhone 6 altogether.

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