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Booksi Dock for iPad and iPhone

Dual Booksi Dock for iPad and iPhone Dual Booksi Dock for iPad and iPhone
Create your own customized iPhone and iPad charging dock made of 3 stacked books! Sadly, you cannot request any specific books, however, you can choose the color scheme so you’re guaranteed something to complement your decor. You’ll also be able to request the type of cables included with the dock; 30 pin, lightning cable or even micro USB for other smartphones. $88

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Taped Up Cable Organizers

TAPED UP Cable OrganizerTAPED UP Cable OrganizerTAPED UP Cable OrganizerTAPED UP Cable Organizer
Organizing messy cables is not a fun task, especially if you’re using traditional cable tie-up that are just boring. The Taped Up cable organizers are colorful and fun. They look like you’ve strapped a tape over your cables to keep them in place, but they’re actually a clip with a large arch that can hold many cables together. The adhesive back of the clip makes it easy to attach on any surface. Available in three colors, sold in a set of 6. $8

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Secret Heroes Whooz Charger Decals

Secret Heroes Secret Heroes1 Powerful Radicals
We’ve previously reviewed Whooz decals, the character decals that set your charger from others. Some new cool designs have been added to the collection such as these Secret Heroes and Powerful Radicals. Each pack of Whooz decals includes 4 different characters. $13.95

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simpleDock: Charging Valet and Network Hub

simpleDock by Kanex
simpleDock is a 3-in-1 expansion solution for your Mac or PC. It offers multi functions without adding any clutter to your desktop. It features:

  • 3 USB 3.0 Ports with super speed that allows up to 5 Gbps transfer.
  • Charging dock for your phone while keeping it at reach.
  • Ethernet port for wired connectivity.

Its minimal design makes it a great desktop accessory. It hides charging USB cables, and has a specially designed surface that serves as a valet for your smartphone. $129

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Back To The Future iPad Case

Back To The Future iPad Case Back To The Future
Protect your iPad in a prop coming from the movie Back To The Future. Available in a limited edition and compatible with iPad Mini, iPad 2 and up. It’s a must have for any fanatic of the movie, and much more affordable than the DeLorean which we know you’d rather have, but probably won’t. $32.59

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StrongVolt Smart Charger

StrongVolt Smart Charger StrongVolt Smart Charger StrongVolt Charger
Anyone into outdoor activities probably knows these two things:

  • Phones and gadgets run out of battery rather quickly and will always fail you when you need them.
  • If a solar charger is your choice of portable charger, then you know they can be trouble when direct sunlight is blocked and they’re not compatible with all devices, especially iDevices.

Lucky for you, there’s a new SMART solar charger in town. StrongVolt solves both of these problems:

  • It is fully compatible with iDevices, Android devices and tablets as well as other USB devices.
  • While other solar chargers require your to unplug and plug your device again if passed by a shade, StrongVolt’s SunTrack technology auto-connects your device as soon as it’s under sunlight again.

The charger’s LED red and green light indicators let you know right away if the charger is powered enough to run or if you need more sunlight, so no more guess-work!

StrongVolt is available in many power options starting at 3W which is perfect for small handheld devices and up to 18W for anyone who’s looking for maximum power. You can pre-order your StrongVolt smart charger on starting at only $25.

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FIRSTSTAND 2: All-in-One Gadget Stand

FIRSTSTAND 2 is an all-in-one station to hold all your gadgets in one place and keep your desktop, side table or wherever you usually keep your gadgets mess-free.

Made from an elegant and rigid aluminum body, FIRSTSTAND 2 is available in two designs:

  • FIRSTSTAND 2: a stand that can hold a smart watch and up to two smart phones while they charge.
  • FIRSTSTAND 2 Pro: more than double the length, it can hold more gadgets: 2 smartphones, 2 smart watches, 2 tablets and a few personal accessories.

The inserts/holders on the FIRSTSAND 2 are fully adjustable, simply slide them over to rearrange them however you like. It’s a truly customizable solution to end the undesirable mess our favorite gadgets create.

You can get your FRISTSTAND 2 on starting at only $29.

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Sprng Clips for Apple Earpods

SPRNG ClipSprng-LimeSPRNG Clips Colors
If you own the newer generations of iPhones or iPods then you’ve tried Apple’s earpods, the supposedly “revolutionary” earphones that should fit almost all different shapes of ears. While the Earpods do produce a good sound, they lack when it comes to the perfect fit part. That’s where an accessory like Sprng clip comes in quite handy! It’s a small plastic attachment that does what the Earpods failed to do, they make them fit perfectly.

So, how does it fit? The Sprng clip has a soft tipped end that keeps the Earpods in place without adding any pressure. You get the custom fit by simply sliding the clip up or down the stem of the Earpod until you’ve got that comfortable fit. It’s a rather simple yet brilliant solution!

Sprng clips are available in four colors: grey, blue, pink and lime. And that perfect Earpod fit will cost you only $10.

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