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Nebula 3 Keyboard Decals

Bring the striking intergalactic look in your Macbook’s keyboard with the use of these Nebula 3 Keyboard Decals. By utilizing the aspects of Avery/3M technology, these decals can both be easily applied and removed from your keyboard’s surface without leaving behind any kind of residue. It comes with a thin, scratch proof protection which does not let the keyboard’s backlights hide from view. Coupled together with a Nebula-like wallpaper on your Macbook screen, this set of keyboard decals is going to make your portable computer look even more space-like from every angle. Let the new participants in space race rise from your Macbooks itself.

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Recoil Automatic Cord Winders

Recoil Autmoatic Cord Winder Recoil Autmoatic Cord Winder_
These days, we all pretty  much live in a pile of tangled cords of chargers, sync cables, headphones… etc. Thanks to the Recoil automatic cord winder, organizing that mess is a lot easier than you think. It’s quick, easy and works like magic!

Recoil Autmoatic Cord Winder_Set
Available in 3 sizes, the Recoil cord winder will take care of most of cables, whether it’s your laptop’s charger, phone charger or sync cable, headphones, or even gaming console cables. Its retractable mechanism winds the entire cord in seconds and hides it inside the unit, leaving all your cords organized, hidden and much easier to carry around.

See the winder in action and short review of it in this video:

You can get your Recoil automatic winder for $9.99 per unit or get a combo pack for $27.99 which also includes 3 units, one of each size, and a handy storage rack.

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Cardboard Smartphone Projector

Cardboard Smartphone Projector_ Cardboard Smartphone Projector Cardboard Smartphone Projector__
Turn those funny video clips you have on your smartphone into a Cinematic event thanks to this handy cardboard smartphone projector. Yup, as of now, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a projector, although this project is made of rugged cardboard and has all the cool projector keys only printed on it, it is equipped with an impressive high quality lens that magnifies up to x8. It’s lightweight and compact enough to be taken with you anywhere, so you can enjoy it with friends and family at your next gathering for sharing videos, photos or simply projecting some cool party visual effects.

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Lighting Vest

Give yourself a Tron-like apparel for a more safer night ride by wearing this custom developed 3M reflective Lighting Vest. The vest has been carefully hand-netted such that it can easily pass through your neck even while you’re wearing a helmet and has larger hands for you to feel comfortable while wearing it. It is highly loose fitted so that you can wear it on top of jackets or T-shirts, whichever is your most favorite night wear everyday.

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Wood Golf Club iPhone 5 Dock

Wood Golf Club iPhone 5 Dock
This is THE iPhone dock any golfer would want in their home or office. Made from authentic vintage wood club that dates back to the 80s. Includes an Apple lightning cable for iPhone 5/5S. Each club ordered varies and unique from the other.

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Cobra Airwave Mini Bluetooth Speaker

With a rugged body flaunting a design similar to the scales of one of the most deadliest snakes, the Cobra Airwave Mini Bluetooth Speaker turns out to be a compact solution for your outdoor music. It is both water resistant and shockproof so as to ensure you can listen to your favorite tracks even in the most adventurous location normal speakers can’t be taken to anyday.

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SteadyWheel Camera Stabilizer

To make your action packed adventures captured for life, make use of this revolutionary SteadyWheel Camera Stabilizer today. Basically targeted for the action sports community in mind, this wheel shaped stabilizer is made from ABS industrious plastic with the camera mount made of 316 stainless steel. You can fit just about any camera on the wheel but it would be best if you use those which can capture fast moving scenes at its best.

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Glowbelt is the world’s first self-retracting LED safety belt for fans of the great outdoors, fitness enthusiasts, children and more. Compact, lightweight and bright, the belt pulls out from a small and attractive case and can be worn as a sash or belt allowing you to keep safety in your pocket or glovebox. Equipped with 13 LED’s Glowbelt can be seen over 200m away so you can be seen long before the headlights of a car illuminate making you presence on the road known. Glowbelt is light weight, weighing in at just 55 grams that’s less than an empty wallet, so it’s ideal for runners and powered by 2 standard CR2032 watch batteries that will keep it either on constant or flashing for up to 60 hours.

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