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Ween – The Life Responsive Smart Thermostat

Introducing Ween, the life responsive smart thermostat. Built with the environment and your wallet in mind, this thermostat adapts to your lifestyle to save both money and energy. Totally automated and through using GPS algorithms and motion detection, Ween detects when you’re home and when you’re not and adjusts the temperature accordingly or to even turn it off. Unlike learning thermostats, Ween actions each of your absences and arrivals to make your home cozy no matter what your daily schedule. Easily pairing with your smartphone, this super clever deice manages your home so you don’t have to.

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Pivotal Living Bluetooth Smart Scale

View more than just your weight with the Pivotal Living Bluetooth Smart Scale. Providing you with accurate measurements of your body fat percentage, BMI, Basal metabolic rate, and lean body mass in addition to your weight, this scale is truly smart. The Pivotal Living Smart Scale connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to the app on your phone to help you track and manage these metrics over time. This scale can even automatically recognize up to 15 different user profiles so the whole family can get involved.

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Brainiac Central Computer for Cars

Turn your car into a smarter car with the Brainiac central computer for cars. Built with Android, this car computer applies new technology to the sensors and OCDII diagnostics of your vehicle to make it smarter and provide automation. Using the cloud, Brainiac can track your vehicle’s metrics, such as its performance and fuel efficiency, for your review. Because it’s built on Android, you can connect any and all of your Android devices and have full access to their content.

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Leather Bicycle Cup Holder by Rocky Mountain Holster

Keep your hands on the handlebars and safely transport your morning coffee with the Leather Bicycle Cup Holder by Rocky Mountain Holster. Made with 100% leather, this cup holder securely attaches to the stem or basket, both metal and woven, of your bike so you don’t spill a drop. Better than the traditional water bottle holder on bikes, the Leather Bicycle Cup Holder fits a variety of sizes including glass and plastic bottles, a tumbler, or even a travel mug.

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Blumoo Smart Universal Remote

End the constant battle of too many lost remotes with the Blumoo Smart Universal Remote. By combining all of the functions of your remotes into one, this universal remote lets you spend less time searching and more time enjoying. Rather than another clunky remote with too many buttons, the Blumoo Smart Universal Remote is compact device that turns your phone, the item always on you, into the remote.

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ProDrone Byrd Portable Drone

Never leave home without your drone again with the ProDrone Byrd Portable Drone. Folding to down about the height and width of an iPad, this drone is compact enough to carry in our bag along with your gear. The Byrd drone is a quadcopter complete with four powerful propellers, built in landing gear, and your choice of a 1080p or 4K camera. Staying in line with the portability theme, the camera gimbal can be easily removed without any tools, letting you pack it all away in a snap.

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