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Latitude – First iPhone Case for Universal Wireless Charging

Bezalel’s Latitude is the first case for the iPhone that works with both the Qi and PMA wireless charging standards. Such dual-mode compatibility means the Latitude can charge the iPhone with every type of wireless charger, including those at a growing number of public places and in an expanding range of products. Those currently using the Qi standard include McDonald’s, IKEA (in select tables and lamps) and Toyota/Lexus; those using PMA include Starbucks, Delta Airlines and GM (select vehicles).

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Noke U-Lock – The Smartphone Enabled Bike Lock

No more remembering combinations, codes, or keys, Noke U-Lock allows you to lock and unlock your bike with your smartphone. With the app, available for Bluetooth iOS, Android, and Windows devices, Noke U-Lock only unlocks when your unique code has been entered and you’re close to your bike. Also with the app you can share access and limit your friends’ usage with a predetermined schedule.

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Backbeat SENSE SE Special Edition Headphones by Plantronics

Get all day audio with the Backbeat SENSE SE Special Edition Headphones by Plantronics. These wireless headphones boast an incredible 330-foot Bluetooth range with compatible Class 1 Bluetooth devices, including iPhone, iPod, and more. Thanks to audio control and power management to save battery, you get an astonishing 18 hours of listening time and 21 days of standby time. Combined with extremely soft memory foam cushions, you can wear these and listen to music all day.

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Nora – The Smart Snoring Solution

Nora Snoring Solution
Kick snoring to the curb with Nora, the smart snoring solution. This non-invasive device works seamlessly in your bedroom. A small device sits on your nightstand and, when you snore, activates the Expander, which slides under your pillow. When activated, the Expander gently adjusts your head placement to stop the snoring in its tracks. This mild movement stimulates the muscles in your throat and neck which, when relaxed, cause you to play the nocturnal symphony that is your snoring. Without waking you up, you can return to a better night’s sleep and diminish the variety of health risks associated with snoring.

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PlexiDrone – World’s Most Portable and Powerful Camera Drone

Start seeing your world differently with the Ultra Portable PlexiDrone. With unique features such as quick release clips you can set up PlexiDrone in just one minute. Setting up PlexiDrone is wonderfully easy; all of the pieces quickly snap together for a sturdy and strong hold. Unlike other drones on the market, PlexiDrone has a multitude of payload clips meaning you can use whichever camera you’d like from GoPro, ActionCam, BublCam 360, and more.

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SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit by Samsung

Automate your home security and protect your family and things with SmartThings, the home monitoring solution from Samsung. It’s all in the name; this kit is smart. With it, you can monitor, control, and secure with a touch of a button on the app. You’re able to secure zones in your house that are off limits, turn on lamps and small appliances, and even create a motion sensor response, such as turning on lights when someone walks in. The SmartThings kit is compatible with many other smart home devices so you can also set up a camera for a live view when you’re not home.

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