Beautiful handmade dock made to hold your iPhone and other smartphones as well as your daily accessories. STAK Valet is handmade from ceramic and is designed to  use your phone’s charging cord through the convenient opening located on the lower front of the dock. Buy it here

Introducing the Jaxon Edwin Timeless Minimalist Watches. Offering your wrist a sleek and stylish upgrade, these watches are exceptionally timeless. The Minimalist Watches come in five different face colors including blue, brushed steel, black, navy, and grey. The minimalist design carries through the face with small and large indexes for the minutes and hours.

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Enjoy music that comes from the energy of your plants with the GreenNote Plant Energy Music Device. By converting electric impulses of plants into music, you can actually hear your plants sing. To turn on GreenNote, just touch the button on the top of the device. Additionally, GreenNote comes with two bio-sensing electrodes.

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attach your janglies to the magnet concealed beneath these snoozing creatures and they’ll awaken from their slumber to keep a watchful eye over your keys.Buy Now

Fitbit Ionic is a lot more than just a fitness tracker. It’s a smart watch designed to help you with you daily life. With features like dynamic personal coaching, built-in GPS and continuous heart rate, it keeps you motivated and up to date with your goals at all time. The smart watch can also store and play 300+ songs, gives you access to popular apps, payment through NFC and up to 5 days of battery. Available in three colors. Buy Now

Cocoon your body in the midst of soft woolen texture. The Sail Pouf is one such relaxing seater that will cover you with comfort every time you decide to rest on it in a cosy afternoon. It has been designed out of 100% woolen fabric weave and stuffed with a comfortable polyester filling. Not only this, but the lounger will also provide you with cradling back support and also includes sides that poof up to hold your arms.

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Ensure your car’s look is always complete with the BumpShox XL License Plate Protector. This extra wide frame covers the perimeter of your plate with force field-like strength. The BumpShox XL is stronger and more resilient than steel. In fact, it uses V-Tech all weather foam. In addition to withstanding the elements, it also handles anything else in its way.

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Combine visual and audio bliss with the Bossa Moonraker Wireless Speaker System. This speaker duo looks like something out of this world. The pair has orb-like speakers sitting atop solid wood legs. Coming with a power cable and a remote control, you can fill any room with pristine sound instantly. The Moonraker Speakers are totally minimalist to fit in with any interior décor. The modern bulb shape contrasts beautifully with the wood legs.

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Need a book recommendation? How about 100? Scratch that literary itch with this stunning scratch-off chart of essential novels from 1605 to present. Each timeless work is represented by an evocative, hand-drawn cover design—gently scratch the gold foil off each novel you’ve read and reveal an additional, narrative-specific design detail hidden underneath!Buy it here

Inspired by minimalist Scandinavian design, BedShelfie is a smart piece of furniture that keeps your favorite things close to your bed while saving space. Bedshelfie requires no special assembly or installation, it simply attaches to bed frames (up to 2.25 inches) using a clamp with thick felt padding to prevent scratching. It can safely hold up to 20lbs of your items to keep them at arms reach while you relax. Available in three colors. Buy it here

Get your cuddle on with these Star Wars Cutesy Roll Plush. Coming in at over a foot and a half tall, the Porg is actually bigger than life size. Chewbacca, not so much. Sorry. We should say that you can choose from Chewie, a Porg, or Yoda. But you know you want all three.Buy it here

The SwissPen is the most balanced multi-functional pen you’ll ever use. With features like Pressurized ink, writes upside down and underwater, built-in red light, knife, letter opener, scissors, this SwissPen has many functional accessories built into it without a compromise on looks or quality. Available in classic red or black. Buy it here

Zipbuds 26 is the only earbuds that utilizes a Hybrid Driver System that give you higher quality and performance, more advanced than your standard single dynamic driver setup found in almost all wireless earbuds. And since one size NEVER fits all, Zipbud 26 offers 144 unique combinations of Stabilizers and Ear Tips to achieve your custom fit along with optimal comfort. The earbuds offer an incredible 15 hours of playtime and 200 hours on standby. And if you need additional battery time, a magnetic clip-on battery is available to provide you with extra power for your earbuds. Available in two colors: White/Rose Gold and Black/Space Gray. Buy it here

Notebooks made especially for the cynical! This collection of notebooks is available for “Unachievable goals and broken dreams”, “Bullshit dull tasks I keep putting off” and “Inspirational shit I’ll ignore”, so there’s something for every type of cynic. Each notebook comes with a pen to match. Buy it here

Enjoy a table that supports your lifestyle with the Smartables Minimalist Multimedia Table. Featuring a minimalist Scandinavian design, Smartables is full of useful features. With built-in Bluetooth speakers, you can easily put on your favorite music without any cables. Likewise, it wirelessly charges up to 3 QI devices using an inductive charge just by placing your devices on the table.

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