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Cool Products To Keep Your Office Organized

There’s nothing worse than a cluttered office. Not only does it look bad, but it decrease your productivity, creativity and overall work performance. Here, you’ll find some really fun products that will help you declutter your workspace and turn it into a clean and fun place that will make you actually get some work done!

1. Organize Cables:


BlueLounge CableBox: Let’s start with hiding the million cables under your desk. This CableBox will nicely hide all cables inside it… leaving you with a neat space under your desk. You can also use it anywhere around your house. Buy it here


CableDrop: These little clips hold any cables usually found on your desk; USB cables, headphones, light switch cables… etc. They feature an adhesive back that sticks to any wall/surface.  Buy it here


Dotz Identifiers: Available as cord straps or only identifier buttons, these will help you tie your cables in neatly organized groups.  Buy it here


2. Organize Your Desk:


UBoard Smart Multiboard: This board simply makes your workspace much efficient. You can use it anyway you want, the board is used to hold either a tablet, a notebook, or any other items while still giving you much more needed space on your desk. It also gives you extra USB ports on the side, and a cup holder on the other side. This one is a MUST for an efficient uncluttered workspace! Available in black or white.  Buy it here

The Butt Station Desk Accessory: Adding some humor to your desk will only  make your workday better. This amusing little guy will keep your desk accessories organized and in one place.  Buy it here

Snap It Desk Organizer: This colorful organize can hold any flat items around your desk, such as: CDs, photos, notes, cards… etc.  Buy it here

3. Organize Your Papers:


Knock Knock Humorous File Folders: These file folders are boldly labelled with what seems to sum up pretty much all paper work and how you feel about it.  Buy it here

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