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12 Really Cool Drinking Gifts

We like to think that every season is drinking season, but the Holidays are extra special when it comes to drinking and they are just around the corner. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your party host, or you’re the one hosting the party, all the cool drinking gifts you’ll ever want are on this list…

The HOST Chill Cooling Pour Spout:

The HOST Chill Cooling Pour Spout
This is so simple, yet so brilliant. Forget about that ice bucket or ice cubes to cool your drink, The Host Chill is a pour spout with ice built right into it! Simply fit it into the bottle and it will chill the drink right as you pour it. It also comes with an air-tight bottle stopper so it preserves your drink as well. Buy it here

Polar Ice Molds:

Polar Ice Moulds
But just in case you still want to use ice cubes, they need to be impressive, just like these. This set of molds will create a Polar bear and Penguin ice cubes that will float on your drink, just like they would on an Antarctic river. Buy it here

Das Horn Drinking Vessel:

Das Horn Drinking Vessel
The ancient drinking vessel has been updated to match today’s level of coolness. NY based designers David Segall and Alex Chatham crafted the Das Horn vessel from sleek ABS plastic and topped it with laser etched stainless steel rim. So unlike our ancestors’ way, no animals were harmed in the making of this vessel, and you’re guaranteed a drink free of animal hair. Buy it here

Balls of Steel Drink Chillers:

Balls of Steel Drink Chillers
Another great way to keep your drink chilled. Keep these high grade stainless steel orbs in the freezer, place them in your drink when ready and they’ll chill it in short seconds. And there’s more to these Balls of Steel as 15% of their revenue is donated to testicular cancer research and support communities. These balls do more good than just chill your drink. Buy it here

Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker:

The Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker
The iconic Mason Jar happens to be a very trendy drinking glass nowadays. This particular Mason Jar serves another drinking purpose, it’s a cocktail shaker that is vintage-chic and will give you a break from the usual shakers. Buy it here

Brew2Go – The Non-Spill Portable Beer Glass:

Brew2Go - The Non-Spill Portable Beer Glass
If you’d like to enjoy your beer on the go on a sunny day outside instead of that dark bar or at home, this glass is for you. Totally reusable, double-walled so it’ll keep your beer cold, and a tight no-spill lid on top will ensure your beer never spills. Brew2Go is perfect for outdoor or indoor parties. Buy it here

Vino2Go – The Portable Wine Glass:

Vino2Go The Portable Wine Glass
Just like the Brew2Go, this portable glass is made specially for wine lovers. It is double-walled, spill-proof, drop-proof and all around perfect for any occasion. Buy it here

Race Track Coasters:

Race Track Coasters
Have fun putting together a race track out of these silicone coasters. They can be used individually or put together to make a trivet for pots or pans. Buy it here

Blade Runner Whisky Glass:

Blade Runner Whisky Glass
An iconic Whisky glass from an iconic film, this crystal glass is a spot-on match of the glass that appeared in the 80s Sci-Fi thriller Blade Runner. Actually, it has been made by the same artisans who made the glass for the movie, so this is no cheap replica. It’s a gift every Sci-Fi fan and Whisky enthusiast would love to have. Buy it here

Follow Me/Bring Beer Flip Flops:

Follow Me Bring Beer Flip Flops
Come beach season, these flip-flops will be a huge hit. And come to think of it, it’s always beach season somewhere around the world. With the messages Follow Me and Bring Beer imprinted on the underside of them, you’ll know the good fortune of beer will always follow you around. Buy it here

Fuck It, Let’s Drink Tee:

Fuck It, Let's Drink T-Shirt
If you cuss like a sailor and drink like a fish (or maybe know someone who does), then you know this tee was made for you. Buy it here

The Very Many Varieties of Beer Tee:

The Very Many Varieties of Beer T-Shirt
However, if you consider yourself quite the beer geek, this tee is what you should be wearing. Featuring almost 90 different kinds of beer and 200 real world examples, you’ll be declared quite the Beer expert with a glance. Buy it here


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