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Courant’s elegant wireless charger allows for fast 10w power (x2) for two devices. Thanks to its 5 coil charging surface, there are no dead zones on this charger, your device will charge wherever and however you place it. Courant has a premium design with Pebble-Grain Italian Leather, High-Grade Matte Aluminum Alloy and Durable Braided Nylon Cable. Available in 5 colors. Will work with any Qi-compatible device

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Keurig’s K-Duo is a two-way coffee maker that allows you to brew using two methods: either brew a single-serve cup using a K-Cup pod or brew a carafe using your favorite coffee ground. Choose from cup sizes 6, 8, 10 or 12 oz for the single serve option or 6, 8, 10 or 12 cups using the carafe brewing side. The Auto brew option allows you to program your machine to brew a pot up to 24hrs in advance, and a hot plate keeps your coffee hot.

Single serve side is compatible with all K-Cup pods, including Keurig My K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter which allows you to use your own coffee.

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Get your cup of coffee, powered by your favorite super hero! This single cup coffee maker is very simple to use, perfect for smaller spaces, office or dorm rooms. It uses a permanent filter and ground coffee for brewing, so no special pods required. And if Superman isn’t your type of guy, the machine is available in other designs like Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Captain America or Batman.

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This Owl statue protects your Echo Dot and turns it into a lovely piece of decor. The statue, which only fits the Echo 1st and 2nd generation, holds the device perfectly without blocking any of the Dot’s mic or speakers. An anti-slip positioned under the owl makes it safe to place on any top. Also available in a Lion design.

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Here’s another way to enjoy your favorite tunes on the go! Zulu Audio is a wearable Bluetooth speaker. It’s not earphones and it’s not a speaker, but a personal speaker that is just loud enough for you to enjoy your music.

The idea behind Zulu Audio’s wearable speakers is that, as someone who is active or on the go, traditional earphones and headphones can compromise your safety as they block out noises around you, including noises you should be paying attention to.

Zulu Audio speakers go around your neck, the magnetically attach to your clothes and are positions right under your ears, so they give you great immersive sound without blocking noises and without disturbing people around you. They are also equipped with a mic so you can take calls using them, too.

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This innovative knife block design from Joseph Joseph maximizes the use of any narrow or flat space you have. Instead of keeping your knife block on a counter top, you can now attach it to any cabinet door or any flat surface. The set includes strong adhesive, making it very easy to install. The set also include: 3½” Paring knife, 4½” Serrated knife, 5″ Santoku knife, 6″ Chef’s knife.

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Never run out of your favorite coffee pods again! Whether you’re a Nespresso or K-Cup pod user, this smart container will make sure you’re always stocked on your coffee supply.

The container has Amazon Dash Replenishment built-in, which means, once it senses you’re running low on your coffee pods, it will automatically place an Amazon order for you. Through the initial setup, you’ll link your favorite products so it knows exactly which pods to restock for you.

The container is battery-powered and wifi enabled, so it’s completely wire-free. The battery should last up to a year before needing a replacement, and you’ll be notified of low power through the app on your phone.

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This keyboard case from Belkin combines lightness, durability and all the features needed for you to get your work done on the go. Made from premium aluminum with well-spaced keys for the best typing experience. With its hidden magnets, the back of the case holds up your iPad at the perfect viewing angle for typing or watching a video. It also folds up to hide the keyboard fully just like a regular case. The keyboard is rechargeable (USB cord included) and can last for up to 6 months before the need for a recharge. It is available for iPad Pro 9.7″, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 1 and iPad 5th Gen. Buy it here

If being eco-friendly and eliminating waste is on your list of goals, start with this set of stainless steel straws from Klean Kanteen. The 2-peice straw is made of stainless steel with a flexible and removable silicone tip. Also included with your set of straws a cleaning brush made from natural palm fiber bristles to ensure your straws are thoroughly clean.

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A wireless charger that blends in with your decor. PowerPic is a modern looking standing picture frame that does more than just display a photo. It features a built-in Qi wireless charger so you can simply rest your Qi-enabled phone on it and it will start charging. The frame will charge through most phone cases up to 3mm thickness, and it can fit phones up to 6.5″ tall. Available in black or white. Buy it here

The Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Smart Rechargeable toothbrush deliver the best plaque removal, gum health and whitening performance. Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Smart goes beyond traditional cleaning to deliver up to 10x more plaque removal, removes 100% more stains in just 3 days and improve Gum Health up to 7x in just 2 weeks . It also features a visual pressure sensor to alert you when you are brushing too hard. Customize your brushing experience using the 4 different modes and 3 intensity settings and know when to replace your brush head via a customized reminder. Its travel case allows you to take your toothbrush on the go and also includes a charging glass that can be used for charging or to rinse your mouth after brushing. vs. a manual toothbrush vs. a manual toothbrush in white+ mode vs. a manual toothbrush in Gum Health modeBuy it here

These portable wireless speakers from Sony give you the ultimate 3D sound experience to enjoy your music wherever you go. The speakers are equipped with Live Sound Mode, which lets you listen to your music in a whole new three dimensional way. Built-in party lights create just the right atmosphere to match your music. Extra Boost enhances the beat of your favorite track.

The speaker is waterproof, dust proof and rust proof. It can connect to up to 8 devices, and if you need to expand the sound of your speaker, you can connect it to up to 100 other Bluetooth speakers. Buy it here

Anker’s PowerWave Qi compatible wireless charger charges up to 30% faster than other chargers. It is compatible with all Qi-powered phones and offers 7.5W power for iPhone compatible models and 10W for Samsung phones. Your purchase includes: PowerWave 7.5 Stand, Quick Charge 3.0 AC adapter, PowerLine 6ft Micro USB cable, welcome guide, worry-free 18-month warranty. Available in white or black. Buy it here