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10 Cool and Creative Sticky Notes

Your office is probably full of sticky notes everywhere reminding you to do this and that. If so, then why not go for some creative sticky notes that will make your work place more fun? Here are some recommendations:

Error Message notes  Buy it here

Mini TV Sticky Notes Buy it here

Origami Sticky Notes – enjoy creating these shapes at the office on your own or with your colleagues.  Buy it here


Mental Notes, this is where you can really prioritize your work –  Buy it here


Pebble Notes –  Buy it here

Forget Me Notes Flower Petals  Buy it here

Butterfly sticky notes  Buy it here

Blocks Sticky notes: They work pretty much like that popular game which name we can’t mention for legal reasons. Buy it here

Playing cards memo pad (not exactly sticky notes, but close enough) Buy it here

Talk to the Hand sticky notes  Buy it here

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