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Tag: Firebox

Any Toy Story fan will love to have this true Heroine by their side. This Bo Peep lamp provides a gentle glow and can be powered either by batteries or a USB cable. Makes a great addition to your Toy Story merch collection.

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Create your own personalized Santa socks! Simply upload a photo of yourself, or anyone you like, to make them into a Santa that will be all over your new favorite pair of socks. Choose from green, white or red socks.

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If you’ve ever played Crash Bandicoot, then you’ve spent a good amount of time building skills to avoid this iconic TNT crate. You don’t have to escape this one though! This TNT light box give you nice ambient lighting and a good feel of nostalgia. It even makes the same exploding sound effect when you turn it on.

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Create your own heat changing mug featuring your face, or anyone’s really! Simply upload a picture of you, your significant other or even your pet and the guys at Firebox will do the rest! The mug will start out with a plain black design then your design will start to appear as soon as you add in hot liquid.

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When you’ve had enough of gaming for one day, down tools and ensure your controllers are always neat and charged up with this officially licensed Spyro Cable Guy. This 8 inch figure will literally hold your controller and the discreet USB cable connects to your TV or computer to charge them back to full battery.

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“This officially licensed collection is quite something, from C3PO’s gilded metallic finish, to each one’s sassy 3D arm handle. Look at those rippling ceramic biceps! Who knew the Imperial military were so buff under all those layers of PVC?” Also available in Marvel characters.Buy it here

Tired of wearing the same sock designs over and over again? Here’s an idea for a design that you won’t get bored of… socks personalized with your own face! Or anyone’s face, really. Yours, your partner’s, your dog’s… if you like a face, put it on your socks. Buy it here

Your favorite hot beverage meets your favorite gaming console with this cool mug featuring Playstation’s retro logo design. The handle of the mug is a replica of the console’s controller, while the back of the mug features the control symbols. Buy it here

Little kittens wrapped in foil like a burrito, what else could make a cuter gift? Available in three “flavors”,

  • Mochi – the pink one, star of the show
  • Pork bun – the sassy little yellow one
  • Tuna – the blue one

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This hardwearing ceramic beauty has been lovingly crafted to look exactly like a certain Italian plumber’s first nemesis. Well, not exactly, it’s not pixelated (thank goodness) and it features painstakingly painted lifelike details.Buy it here

Wake up to the delightful sounds of Super Mario tunes and chimes with this Game Boy shaped alarm clock, officially licensed  from Nintendo. The clock is an exact replica of the real Game Boy, only it works as an alarm clock only. Buy it here