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Moleskine Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Notebook

Moleskine Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Notebook1 Moleskine Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Notebook2 Moleskine Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Notebook
Fans of the classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland will love this limited edition notebook by Moleskine. The hardcover notebook includes themed illustrations, themed inserts and stickers in the expandable inner pocket. Available in different colors and sizes.

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Coffee Gives Me Superpowers: An Illustrated Book about the Most Awesome Beverage on Earth

Coffee Gives Me SuperpowersCoffee Gives Me Superpowers2
Speaking of coffee and awesome coffee brewing gadgets, you sure know by now how coffee can give you superpowers that you can’t live without. This fun illustrated book shows you in the form of colorful and humorous infographics very interesting facts about this awesome beverage that rules your life. If you’re a coffee addict or know someone who is, you must have this book.

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Do Less: A Minimalist Guide to a Simplified, Organized, and Happy Life

Do Less Book
A must-have for any shelf, Do Less helps you rediscover the simple moments that have been buried beneath the piles of to-dos, to-knows, and to-buys.

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William Shakespeare’s The Empire Striketh Back Book and Audio Book

William Shakespeare's The Empire Striketh Back
Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back imagined in the style of William Shakespeare. The Empire Striketh Back is quite an entertaining read for the Star Wars fan. The book also contains many black and white illustrations to help you picture the scenes you’re reading. But if you want to take the entertainment to a higher level, we highly recommend you listen to this as an audio book instead. Listen to the audio sample on to see for yourself! And if it’s your first time on Audible, it’s your lucky day as you can get the entire book for FREE!

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Lego Men Bookends

Lego Men Bookends
Lego men hard at work holding your books together. Made of laser cut metal, sturdy enough to hold a lot of books.

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The Best Place to be Today: 365 Things to do & the Perfect Day to do Them

The Best Place to Be Today
A must-have for any travel enthusiast, The Best Place to be Today is a travel book and calendar that shows you the best things to do, anywhere in the world, in any particular day of the year. It covers the 365 best festivals, sporting events, adventures and natural phenomena. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next holiday or simply want to learn about the world, this is the perfect book for it.

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