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Add some quirkiness to your day with the Revel Froisses Espresso Crumpled Tumblr. Featuring a classic plastic cup design, this cup is actually made of porcelain. To further the realistic look, the ceramic takes on a shape to make the plastic cup appear crumpled. Suitable for anything from food to coffee, the capacity of this tumbler is 100mL. This is also the exact size for espresso. The Tumbler is both microwave and dishwasher safe for your convenience.

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Rockroller Glass with Chilling Balls
Enjoy your drink in this Rockroller glass, designed to encourage better rolling, prevents spilling and release aroma and flavor. The glass comes with a set of stainless steel chilling balls to replace traditional ice cubes. The chilling balls will keep your drink cool for a longer time without diluting your drink like ice would. Buy it here

Chill Infusion Carafe HOST Chill Infusion Carafe
Create a delicious mixture of drinks infused with fresh fruit or herbs and keep them chill for a long time. HOST’s Chill Infusion Carafe includes a chill rod that keeps your drink chill for hours. Simply freeze the rod before use and insert it into the carafe when ready to use, where it will be securely held in place by the lid. Buy it here

Star Wars Planetary Glassware SetStar Wars Planetary Glassware Set2
An officially licensed Star Wars glassware set that includes 6 beautiful glasses each representing a planet from Star Wars: 4 planets (Alderaan, Dagobah, Hoth, and Tatooine) + 1 moon (the forest moon of Endor) + 1 that’s-no-moon (the Death Star). Buy it here

Freeze Cooling Wine Glass Set of 2 by HOST
Enjoy your favorite drink at the perfect cool temperature with these glasses by HOST. The double-wall glasses feature a Proprietary Cooling Gel that chills in the fridge or freezer. Pour in room temperature drinks into the glass and it will immediate it cool it to the perfect drinking temperature, or you can use pre-chilled drinks to enjoy a cold drink for hours. Sold in a set of 2. Buy it here

Corkcicle Canteen Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle_Thermos
Corkcicle Canteen is the best in its class when it comes to insulation and keeping your drink’s temperature. The thermos will keep your drink cold for an impressive 25+ hours and hot for 12+. Made of stainless steel, offers 3 layers of insulation, fits ice cubes and it NEVER creates any ‘bottle sweat’. The Canteen has pretty much everything you need in a bottle. Available in sizes 9 oz, 16 oz and 25 oz, and in 16 colors. Buy it here

Glass like Silicone Cup by Snow Peak
Carry your drink with confidence with the Silicone Cup by Snow Peak. Made entirely of tough silicone, these cups won’t break if they’re dropped. Although these completely clear vessels still look like classy glass cups they are actually sturdy silicone which is, in fact, bendable. This drinkware is great for camping, by the pool, or anywhere else you can’t bring glass. The Silicone Cup by Snow Peak is available in highball, rocks, and wine tumbler sizes – perfect for drinks of all kinds. These durable silicone cups, which also come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, will make you forget that you’re not drinking out of a glass.

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