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ChillBall: Chill Your Drinks Without Diluting Them!

Chillballs is an alternative way of chilling your drinks and keep them cool for a longer time without diluting them. The Chillballs set includes clips (long and short) that cling on the edge of your glass to keep the Chillball from moving around and to serve them easily. Even better, they’re stain and odor resistant, so unlike ice, you’ll never end up tasting something weird in your drink. $19.99

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Ninja Sword Bottle Opener

Ninja Bottle Opener

Because you’re such an impressive person, opening your bottle with just any bottle opener won’t do. This Ninja sword bottle opener will look much better in your hands. $11.99

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SipSnap: Kids Spill-Proof Drinking Lid

SipSnap SipSnap
SipSnap is a rather genius solution that will put all mothers at ease when it comes to kids and their drinks. It’s a simple BPA- and Phthalate-free lid that fits all type of glasses to turn them into a spill-proof drinking cup! Available in two designs; Tots which turns any cup into a sippy cup, or Kid which is a basic lid with a straw hole. SipSnap stretches over any cup, glass or tumbler. When not in use, SipSnap lids are compact and foldable, they’re easy to store and can be taken anywhere. They’re sold in a set of 3 so you’ll have one wherever you go! $20

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#NoFilter Camera Mug

No Filter Mug
Whether you fill this square-format mug with Early Grey or your French roast, you’ll create a morning moment worth capturing. Sip from the glossy black edge of this camera-inspired ceramic mug as you picture a beautiful day for you and yours!” $11.99

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3D Shark Ice Mold

3D Shark Ice Mold 3D Shark Ice Mold_
Make a giant shark shaped ice cube that will float in your drink. Should make a super-fun addition in any punch bowl or even in an individual pint glass.

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MetalPress Aluminum Drink Coasters By Mulldern

MetalPress Drink Coasters3
The whole idea behind coasters is to protect your furniture from water rings and stains, but most standard coasters end up wearing out and need to be replaced after a while. MetalPress Coasters are a solution to this problem. The sleek and ultra modern set combines solid aluminum for maximum durability with cork backs that keep the coasters in place and ensure your surface is safe from scratches. The aluminum top is etched with beautiful designs that gives it its modern look, and the black paint, which is applied below the surface so it will never bleed, makes the details of the embossed designs pop. The set is complete with a beautiful handmade wood base available in 6 different wood species that you can pick from to match your decor. The craftsmanship and high standard quality of MetalPress will make them pretty much the last coaster set you’ll ever need! You can pre-order your set right now at

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Chillsner Beer Chiller

Chillsner Beer Chiller Chillsner Beer Chiller
Chilling your beer in a freezer or in a glass full of ice cubes that will water your drink down is something from the past. The Chillsner is a stainless steel in-bottle chiller that will have you drinking your beer as cold as it should be. Simply freeze the Chillsner, insert it into the bottle and it should seal in air-tight. With its drinking spout, you’ll be drinking your beer through the chiller, ensuring you’ll be drinking a cool brew til last drop! The Chillsner set includes 2 chillers and a freezer storage case.

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Game of Thrones Goblet

Game of Thrones Goblets
Whether you’re a Game of Thrones fan, or know someone who is, you’ll probably recognize these goblets, and would love to have them! And these are no replica, made by Master glassmaker Ed Burke who makes these same glasses for the show, you’ll be getting the real deal. $36.99

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