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JAWS Shark Attack Glass

By showcasing one of the most deadly underwater creatures from the depths of its glass surface, the JAWS Shark Attack Glass has taken creativity to a dangerously excellent level. The glass is highly tolerable to a large temperature range from minus 20 degrees up to 180 degrees Celsius and is also acid, alkali and water resistant at the same time.

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Football Themed Beer Chillers

Beer Chillers Football Theme Set of 4
Sure you’ve prepped up for your favorite team’s football match, but what about your beer? These cool neoprene sleeves chill your beer in about 10 minutes and will keep them cool for up to 5 hours! Each pack includes a set of 4 sleeves can fit most beer bottle and soft drink cans.

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Build-On Brick Shot Glass

Build-On Brick Shot Glass
These vessels are shot glasses and a construction platform all in one! Put out a bowl of your favorite building blocks at your next party – they’re compatible with LEGO™, PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, KRE-O, or K’NEX Bricks™ – and watch your guests’ creativity abound.

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20 Cool Food & Drink Gadgets For Your Next Summer Party

Food and Drink Gadgets

Summer is all about BBQs, really chilly drinks and Ice cream! In this post, we’ve brought you the best gadgets to take your summer parties to the next level.

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Frozen Beer Slushie Maker by Kirin Ichiban:
Frozen Beer Slushie Maker by Kirin Ichiban

Margaritaville Bali Frozen Concoction Maker: [Buy from]
Margaritaville Bali Frozen Concoction Maker

Ice Bowl Mold: [Buy from]
Ice Bowl Mould

Acqua Cooling Carafe by Blomus: [Buy from]
Acqua Cooling Carafe by Blomus

Lumm LED Carafe by XD Design:
Lumm LED Carafe by XD Design

Godinger Square Beverage Dispenser:
Godinger Square Beverage Dispenser

Aqua Twist Mason Jar Drink Dispenser:
Aqua Twist Mason Jar Drink Dispenser

Swirlio Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker: [Buy from]
Swirlio Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Maker: [Buy from]
Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Maker

Deni Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker:
Deni Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker: [Buy from]
Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

BBQ Briefcase: [Also available from]
BBQ Briefcase

Non-Stick Single Kabob Baskets: [Buy from]
Non-Stick Single Kabob Baskets

Spice Inside Grill Skewers: [Buy from]
Spice Inside Grill Skewers

Schmidt Brothers BBQ Tool Set:
Schmidt Brothers BBQ Tool Set

Butter Buddies by Outset: [Buy from]
Butter Buddies by Outset

Steak Button Thermometer: [Buy from]
Steak Button Thermometer

BBQ Condiment Set:
BBQ Condiment Set

Chip and Dip Bowl Set: [Buy from]
Chip and Dip Bowl Set

Grilled Taco Rack:
Grilled Taco Rack

Shesterenkus Ice Cube Tray

Shesterenkus Ice Cube Tray
Shesterenkus is the world’s first ice tray made of multicolored silicone. It creates different shaped of ice that can be easily pushed off the tray right into the glass.

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5 Cool & Stylish Water Bottles To Keep Hydrated This Summer

AdNArt BTA711 Tritan Flavor it Water Bottle
AdNArt BTA711 Tritan Flavor it Water Bottle: BPA-free, flip top, 20 ounce capacity. Available in 5 colors.

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Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve
Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve: Available in 16-oz and 22 oz capacity, 5 colors to choose from, dishwasher safe.

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Ice T 2 Go Iced Tea Maker
AdNArt Ice T 2 Go Iced Tea Maker: Made of heat resistant glass, 14 oz capacity, includes a removable infuser basket as well as removable top and bottom lids. Available in different colors.

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Just Life Portable BPA Free Glass Water Bottle with Sleeve and Tea Fruit Infuser
Just Life Portable BPA Free Glass Water Bottle with Sleeve and Tea Fruit Infuser: Heat resistant glass bottle, bottom lid with infuser basket, 16 oz capacity.

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Attol Stylish Portable Real Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle with Nylon Sleeve
Attol Stylish Portable Real Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle with Nylon Sleeve: Made of borosilicate heat-resistant glass, Nylon sleeve makes it easy to hold, comes with a protective pouch.

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10 Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $50 + Discount Code

mZube Fathers Day Gift Ideas

If you’re still looking for a cool yet affordable gift for Dad, here are some suggestions from our friends at And to make it even easier to shop for more cool gifts, we’re including a promo code at the end of this post for a special discount!

Chillsner Beer Chiller:

Chillsner Beer Chiller
By far, the best beer cooler on the market! The Chillsner is a stainless steel rod that you keep in your freeze until ready to use. Stick it in a bottle of beer and it will keep it chill until last drop! This set includes 2 Chillsner chillers and a freezer storage case.

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Mr Wonderful Mug:

Mr Wonderful Mug - Happy Jackson
Remind Dad of how wonderful he is every time he sits down for a coffee or tea break.

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I Like Shot Glasses:

I Like Shot Glasses
Thumbs up for social drinking! Your Dad will definitely “Like” it!

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Other cool shot glasses to consider: Brainfreeze shot glasses Mason Jar Shot GlassesDoomed Skull Shot Glass 12 Gauge Shot Glasses

Cap Zappa Bottle Opening Cap Launcher:

Cap Zappa Bottle Opening Cap Launcher
Open up a bottle and start launching those caps!

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Buckle Up Key Holder:

Buckle Up Key Holder
Does Dad keep losing his keys? He’ll never lose ’em again with this key holder made from discontinued car seat belt buckles.

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Pixel Mouse:

Sure there are a lot of advanced computer mice out there, but none of them can be called ‘retro-cool’ like this one. Perfect gift for the Geek Dad.

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Hopside Down Glass:

Hopside Down Unusual Glass
12 ounce hand-blow glass with an upside down bottle shape on the inside.

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Citrusaw – Bottle Opener with Slicer:

Citrusaw - Bottle opener combined with Lemon and Lime slicer
Your new drink companion, the Citrusaw is a saw shaped bottle open that combines a slicer as well.

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Blood covered Butchers Apron:

Blood covered Butchers Apron
For the man who always wants to be in charge of the BBQ… he can now also look like he’s even butchered the meat himself!

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Camera Lens Drinks Cup:

Camera Lens Drinks Cup
Dad got a thing for Photography? This Lens cup is always an instant hit with photographers, professional or amateur alike!

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Earth Science Glasses

Earth Science Glasses Earth Science Glasses Earth Science Glasses
Explore the many layers of natural wonder with this earthly set of glasses, showcasing the beautiful sections of our universe—from the earth’s ocean to the core, and from the atmosphere into the intergalactic reaches of space. Each layer is labeled so you can get your science lesson alongside your morning juice.

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