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10 Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $50 + Discount Code

mZube Fathers Day Gift Ideas

If you’re still looking for a cool yet affordable gift for Dad, here are some suggestions from our friends at And to make it even easier to shop for more cool gifts, we’re including a promo code at the end of this post for a special discount!

Chillsner Beer Chiller:

Chillsner Beer Chiller
By far, the best beer cooler on the market! The Chillsner is a stainless steel rod that you keep in your freeze until ready to use. Stick it in a bottle of beer and it will keep it chill until last drop! This set includes 2 Chillsner chillers and a freezer storage case.

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Mr Wonderful Mug:

Mr Wonderful Mug - Happy Jackson
Remind Dad of how wonderful he is every time he sits down for a coffee or tea break.

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I Like Shot Glasses:

I Like Shot Glasses
Thumbs up for social drinking! Your Dad will definitely “Like” it!

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Other cool shot glasses to consider: Brainfreeze shot glasses - Mason Jar Shot GlassesDoomed Skull Shot Glass - 12 Gauge Shot Glasses

Cap Zappa Bottle Opening Cap Launcher:

Cap Zappa Bottle Opening Cap Launcher
Open up a bottle and start launching those caps!

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Buckle Up Key Holder:

Buckle Up Key Holder
Does Dad keep losing his keys? He’ll never lose ‘em again with this key holder made from discontinued car seat belt buckles.

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Pixel Mouse:

Sure there are a lot of advanced computer mice out there, but none of them can be called ‘retro-cool’ like this one. Perfect gift for the Geek Dad.

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Hopside Down Glass:

Hopside Down Unusual Glass
12 ounce hand-blow glass with an upside down bottle shape on the inside.

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Citrusaw – Bottle Opener with Slicer:

Citrusaw - Bottle opener combined with Lemon and Lime slicer
Your new drink companion, the Citrusaw is a saw shaped bottle open that combines a slicer as well.

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Blood covered Butchers Apron:

Blood covered Butchers Apron
For the man who always wants to be in charge of the BBQ… he can now also look like he’s even butchered the meat himself!

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Camera Lens Drinks Cup:

Camera Lens Drinks Cup
Dad got a thing for Photography? This Lens cup is always an instant hit with photographers, professional or amateur alike!

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Mzube is an online store full of cool gifts for cool people. The company is owned and operated by Husband & Wife duo Mark & Scherrie, and with the occasional guidance of their 2 gadget loving children to give the customers that younger spark.

Earth Science Glasses

Earth Science Glasses Earth Science Glasses Earth Science Glasses
Explore the many layers of natural wonder with this earthly set of glasses, showcasing the beautiful sections of our universe—from the earth’s ocean to the core, and from the atmosphere into the intergalactic reaches of space. Each layer is labeled so you can get your science lesson alongside your morning juice.

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Stainless Steel Freezable Shot Glasses

Keep the ice cubes but not the chill away from your liquor by incorporating this amazing set of Stainless Steel Freezable Shot Glasses. Since it comprises of a reusable freeze gel, it chills your drink to perfection everytime without bothering you on adding extra ice cubes to meet the desired temperature.

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Trudeau Bottle Cap Opener/Catcher

Trudeau Bottle Cap Catcher
This bottle opener by Trudeaeu opens your bottles and catches the caps right away inside a container attached to it. No more collecting caps from around the house or backyard.

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Dimple Beer Self-Chilling Pint Glassware

Dimple Beer Self chilling Pint Glassware Dimple Beer Self chilling Pint Glassware
Keep your beer, or any other drink, cool for a longer time with these self-chilling glasses. How does it work? It features a stainless steel chilling cone that is inserted at the bottom of the glass and remains there due to a magnetic connection with the glass. The chilling cone, which you should pre-chill, serve as a built-in coaster as well, and since they’re available in different colors, they can be used as drink markers, too!

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ChillBall: Chill Your Drinks Without Diluting Them!

Chillballs is an alternative way of chilling your drinks and keep them cool for a longer time without diluting them. The Chillballs set includes clips (long and short) that cling on the edge of your glass to keep the Chillball from moving around and to serve them easily. Even better, they’re stain and odor resistant, so unlike ice, you’ll never end up tasting something weird in your drink. $19.99

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Ninja Sword Bottle Opener

Ninja Bottle Opener

Because you’re such an impressive person, opening your bottle with just any bottle opener won’t do. This Ninja sword bottle opener will look much better in your hands. $11.99

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SipSnap: Kids Spill-Proof Drinking Lid

SipSnap SipSnap
SipSnap is a rather genius solution that will put all mothers at ease when it comes to kids and their drinks. It’s a simple BPA- and Phthalate-free lid that fits all type of glasses to turn them into a spill-proof drinking cup! Available in two designs; Tots which turns any cup into a sippy cup, or Kid which is a basic lid with a straw hole. SipSnap stretches over any cup, glass or tumbler. When not in use, SipSnap lids are compact and foldable, they’re easy to store and can be taken anywhere. They’re sold in a set of 3 so you’ll have one wherever you go! $20

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