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Choose comfort for your entire workday with the EvoDesk Programmable Desk. Made with recycled composite wood and available in your choice of a carbon black, polar white, or slate grey finish, this desk can move at 1.5 inches per second to adjust itself to your ideal height. The front of the desk has a control panel complete with buttons for moving the desk up and down, four programmable presets, and even a screen to show how high, in inches, the desk currently is.

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They say staying tidy and organized as you work makes you more efficient. With the Recto Verso D1 Desk by Linadura, everything has its own place. Available with a light blue or black worktop, this freestanding desk is supported by solid oak wood legs n an X design. The Recto Verso D1 Desk worktop is made of a powder coated aluminum for a smooth writing surface. Near the back of the desk is a deep crevasse complete with a felt liner designed to hold, store, and display your writing utensils, stationary, or any artwork or photos you’d like on your desk.

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You can work hard and play hard but just make sure your work on the Edge Desk ergonomic workspace to save your back. Easily unfolding from its handy lay-flat storage position, this desk keeps your body in an ideal posture as you work to relieve any pain. The Edge Desk has a wonderfully comfortable cushion seat without a back. Instead, your weight is angled forward to be evenly distributed. Your knees and shins rest on the angled leg pads, keeping your body in place.

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Satechi® Desk Mat & Mate
The Satechi Desk Mat doesn’t only update and upscale the look of your desk, it also makes it more comfortable to work on. The 24″ x 14″ pad is water resistant and non-slip, it protects your desk from spills and scratching, and it gives you a nice texture to work on. The texture of the pad can be used as  mousepad and gives your wrist support as you type, move the mouse or write. And as it’s non-slip, it will not move around as you work. Available in 5 colors. Buy it here

If you’re going to sit in a chair for eight hours a day you should be doing it right. Sit more comfortably and healthily with the W Chair, the truly ergonomic desk chair. The unique w shape of this chair allows you to sit while relieving the tension and pressure on your backbone. The uni-body frame is complete with a saddle style seat and two supports for your shins and knees. With this position, the w Chair forces you to sit with improved posture, making those eight hours much more bearable. Available in your choice of three colors, the W Chair has an elastic foam cushion with a breathable plastic surface and is toped with ta fabric cover to ensure a more comfortable day.

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BB-8 Desktop Lamp
There isn’t a thing BB-8 won’t do, including providing you with light. This BB-8 lamp stands 8 1/2″ tall, it has 3 lighting modes: natural white, amber, and warm white, a tap on BB-8’s head switches modes and turns off the lamp. You can also dim or undim by a touch and hold. Buy it here

Build-On Brick Executive Pen Desk Set Build-On Brick Executive Pen Desk Set_
Don’t settle for a boring desk pen, here’s one that will keep you occupied (not with your work). This Build-On executive pen has an exterior building surface that is compatible with most bricks brands. Included with your pen a set of 36 bricks for building a cool stand for your cool pen. Buy it here

Wall Mounted Paper Roller
The Studio Roller, an innovative way to display ideas and messages with the crowd. Reconnecting to the fundamentals of functional product design and fine craftsmanship. Designed to dispense universal-sized kraft rolls. Whether it’s in a café, a studio, an office, or a kitchen, the versatile Paper Roller serves as a point of interest and succeeds as an art of participatory installation. You will be surprised how handy brown paper is to have around!

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Slate - Essential LapDesk
Slate is a very portable desk that holds your laptop, smartphone or mini tablet. Made from a single cut of a premium bamboo, it is lightweight and very strong and durable. A heavy duty mousepad is built within the Slate to make your work easier without adding any additional accessories. Made to fit laptops of any size or brand. Buy it here

Paper Wall Organizers
Maximize your desktop space by utilizing your wall as an organization grid. The lightweight cardboard compartments easily attached to any wall and can hold everything from stationery and school supplies to your own personal accessories. Buy Now

Fur Rockin' Roller Desk Chairs
Sitting on an exercise ball instead of a chair makes a much healthier choice, especially if you’re spending most of your day at your desk. The only problem is the fact that they lack style and always look odd in an office. These Rockin’ Roller chairs solve the problem, the stylish exercise balls are covered with your choice of fur or fleece, available in different colors. The set includes the ball, base, cover and foot pump for inflation. Buy Now