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MOS: The Magnetic Organization System

MOS_Magnetic_Organization_System MOS-8
Here’s a cool option for keeping track and organizing cables at your work space. MOS “Magnetic Organization System” is an elegant magnetic unit that comes with a set of color cable ties that include a metal piece. Simply bundle the cables you’re not using with the ties and stick  them on the unit. The bottom of MOS features a Micro-Suction tape that keeps it stable, it will not move or slide when  you stick anything on it. $39.99

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SlickyNotes: The Next Generation Sticky Notes

SlickyNotes SlickyNotes
We all understand the importance of sticky notes around an office space or even at home. They’re great for leaving notes and organizing your tasks, but on the down side, they can only be used once, so you end up buying more and more. SlickyNotes are a magical kind of sticky notes, they’re a double-sided, adhesive-free notes that will turn ANY surface into a creative space! You read that right… they’re adhesive-free, yet the stick anywhere! So, how does it work?

  • SlickyNotes use electrostatic charge that lasts for weeks. This allows them to stick, re-stick and slide on any clean surface.
  • They’re double-sided, one color side and a a dry-erase side.
  • Both sides can be used interchangeably.

Need to see it to believe it? Watch the following video:

SlickyNotes are available in three sizes: small, medium, large and letter size. It’s also available as a whiteboard, Slickyboard, which works in the exact same way but gives you larger space. You can get your preferred size and pack of SlickyNotes starting at only $1.99 

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Lifta Desk Organizer

Lifta Minimal Desk Organizer Lifta Minimal Desk Organizer4-2
We’ve featured many desktop organizers before, iStick Multi-function Organizer and U-Board Smart Organizer being the most popular. Lifta Desk Organizer is an option for anyone who wants a sleek minimal design. Made of wood (three options available), it is designed to lift your monitor up for optimal height, gives you space for your computer accessories and keep your desk tidy. However, it lacks many of the function other organizers offer, like additional USB hub, phone holder, cup holder and many more. For its price, we’d consider the Lifta to be more of a design object than a functional desktop accessory. So if you’re looking to organize your desk and add more function to your workspace, we’d recommend the organizers we mentioned above. $125

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Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand with USB/Extension Ports

Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand with Four USB Ports and Headphone _ Microphone Extension Ports Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand with Four USB Ports and Headphone _ Microphone Extension Ports_
We’ve covered many cool office accessories that you can use to organize your desk and increase your productivity level, this Satechi Smart Monitor Stand is one to add to the list. Whether you use a desktop or a laptop, use the stand to hold up your monitor or laptop and your desk will instantly gain extra space to organize other stuff in. The stand includes 4 front USB ports and a mic/speaker plug also in the front. You can easily adjust the height of the stand to find the best viewing level of your laptop or monitor.

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Taped Up Cable Organizers

TAPED UP Cable OrganizerTAPED UP Cable OrganizerTAPED UP Cable OrganizerTAPED UP Cable Organizer
Organizing messy cables is not a fun task, especially if you’re using traditional cable tie-up that are just boring. The Taped Up cable organizers are colorful and fun. They look like you’ve strapped a tape over your cables to keep them in place, but they’re actually a clip with a large arch that can hold many cables together. The adhesive back of the clip makes it easy to attach on any surface. Available in three colors, sold in a set of 6. $8

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Fluux LiquiMetal Color Shifting Ferrofluid Suspension

Fluux LiquiMetal
Have you ever bought something that doesn’t necessarily provide any particular function, but is just totally so awesome that you had to have it? Fluux LiquiMetal is exactly that. Although, I wouldn’t call it without a function, LiquiMetal provides you with a momentary distraction, something to gaze into, relaxation when you’re having a long stressful day.

So what is LiquiMetal, exactly?
LiquiMetal is an object that uses Ferrofluid, a liquid which becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field, to create suspended color shifting shapes. Made from glass and anodized aluminum, LiquiMetal can sit on your desktop in one of two positions to provide you with endless entertainment.

Fluux LiquiMetal_
Since Ferrofluid relies on magnet to change its shape, the strength of a magnet effects the density / fluidity of it. With your LiquiMetal you’ll get one or two powerful magnet wands that you’ll wave over LiquiMetal to create different shapes. See it in action in this video:

LiquiMetal is available for pre-order on It’s already been over 300% funded (for an obvious reason!), so we can already tell this fun object is quite a hit! You can get yours starting at $55

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8 Bit Hanger and Key Holder

8 Bit Hanger and Key Holder 8 Bit Hanger and Key Holder_4
Nothing like retro computer icons to celebrate your inner geek. This 8 Bit hanger and key holder is something every everyone who used a computer back in the day would love to have. The wall-mounted holder is perfect to hold anything, including your keys or any metal items that will attach magnetically to it. $19.99

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Insect Pushpins

Insect Pushpins
While I’m not a fan of insects, I gotta give these pushpins some cool credit for how realistic they look. Handmade of clay, true to life design, comes in a set of four.

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