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When closed, it looks just like any other book. But as soon as you open up Book Light, the pages fan out to emit full 360-degrees of light. The lighting is soft, but it is strong enough for reading or working. You can choose from 5 lighting colors, just close and open the book to cycle through them all. Buy it here

Add some intelligence to your home with the Philips Hue Beyond Dimmable Smart Table Lamp. Striking and modern, this futuristic lamp gives you access to 16 million different color options to instantly set any mood. In addition, the lamp has access to 50 different shades of white to really fine tune your interiors.

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“The Curio Design Structo LED Table Lamp is simple, but powerful. Four structural components fit together to guide the high-performance LED light through a “light pipe”, sending a crisp line of task light against surfaces.” Buy it here

Offer some inviting light to your space with the Brevno Medium Warm Lamp. Using real wood, this lamp features a single bulb visible from all sides. Emitting a stunningly warm glow, the Medium Lamp can make anywhere from your desk to your nightstand nice and cozy. Each lamp is totally unique.

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LIMINAL – Minimal Adaptable Lighting Unit
Drawing its inspiration from a single line, LIMINAL is a Minimal Adaptable Lighting Unit that can be used in various forms and structures. By using its kinetic joints and adjustable lighting modules, this lighting unit can transform itself into various formations and designs based on your usage scenario. The foldable body can be easily packed and does not take up too much of space when not in use. So whether it’s about using it as a wall unit lamp or a desk lamp, you can use LIMINAL in any which way you wish to.
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Balloon Lamp
The balloon-shaped lamp stands on a base that resembles a balloon string with a knot feature and phases through an array of colours or can be set to stay on your favourite.  An ideal lamp for a child’s room or any modern interior.Buy it here

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Kuna-Smart Light
Kuna is a smart wifi camera and intercom built into an outdoor light. Before entering, most burglars knock or ring the doorbell to see if a house is empty. Kuna detects the visitor and immediately sends an alert to your phone. You can see who the visitor is on your phone through the camera’s live feed. Deter the potential burglar by speaking to them, setting off Kuna’s alarm, or calling the police. Kuna detects people coming up to any of your doors and immediately alerts you so you can see and interact with them on your smartphone.

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Illuminated Batman Sign
Use this as a night light or to simply shine some light on your love for Batman. Made from acrylic, with LED lights attached to the back to give it a nice halo effect. You can choose your preferred light color from: green, white, blue, red, and amber. You also have the option to add a dimmer to your sign, to make it more suitable for use as a nightlight. Buy it here

Zmodo Torch Pro - Smart Door Light and Connected Doorbell Zmodo Torch Pro - Smart Door Light and Connected Doorbell_
a connected light bulb that combines the benefits of a smart light and a connected doorbell. Torch Pro makes a great addition to your porch, with features like motion detection, 720 HD video, 2-way audio, it connects to your home’s WiFi and allows you to see and speak to whoever is at your door, wherever you are (yes, even if you’re not home!). The companion app allows you to change your light’s color, set schedules, and view your porch in 720p HD video. Buy it here

Question Block Light
Instead of floating mid-air, this pixelated beauty sits proudly upon your bedside table or office desk. There’s no need to leap up and punch it from beneath, just give it a light press from above to turn it on and bathe in its wondrous Nintendo nostalgia.Buy it here

Dino LampsDino Lamp
Light up your living or work space with one of these glowing prehistoric creatures. Available in three breeds (T-Rex, Triceratops and Diplodocus), the lamps feature energy efficient LED bulbs that will provide you with a nice glow. Buy it here

BB-8 Desktop Lamp
There isn’t a thing BB-8 won’t do, including providing you with light. This BB-8 lamp stands 8 1/2″ tall, it has 3 lighting modes: natural white, amber, and warm white, a tap on BB-8’s head switches modes and turns off the lamp. You can also dim or undim by a touch and hold. Buy it here

WeMo F5Z0597 Osram Lightify Flex RGBW Starter Set, Wi-Fi Enabled and App Controlled
Automate your ambiance lighting at home with WeMo’s WiFi enabled LED light strip. This set includes three 2-ft flexible strips, a WeMo Link (the control hub), power supply and a controller. Using a Free WeMo smartphone app, you can customize and change the color of your LED light. And with the same WeMo Link you have, you can connect up to 50 LED strips or other WeMo lights and control them at the same time. Buy it here