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10 Hilarious Notepads To Make Your Day More Fun

Bored of your day to day routine? Same work day, same errands and same chores come and go day in and day out, and you’re just bored of it. These hilarious notepads won’t turn your life upside down, but they will provide you with constant chuckles that will make your day go easier and funnier.
Mental Notes
Mental Notes – for the forgetful who needs to make a mental note of everything.  [Buy it here]

Crap Notes
Crap Notes – What kind of crap do you have to do today? [Buy it here]

WTF Notes
WTF Notepad – Lived or witnessed a WTF moment? You can document it using this notepad.  [Buy it here]

Just Sayin Notes
Just Sayin’ Notepad – For when you just have to say something.  [Buy it here]

Pep Talk
Pep Talk Notepad – Don’t wait for pep talk, demand it.  [Buy it here]

Self Therapy Notes
Self-Therapy Notepad – Give yourself a quick self-therapy session to help you decide if you need actual therapy.  [Buy it here]

In My Humble Opinion Notes
In My Humble Opinion Notepad – An easy way to pass out your unsolicited opinion to people.  [Buy it here]

Paper VooDoo Notepad
Paper Voodoo Notepad – Use it for good or evil, the power is in your hand.  (pack of 3) [Buy it here]

We Need to Talk Notepad
We Need To Talk Notepad – Makes the scariest sentence sound easier.  [Buy it here]

High Five Notepad
High-Five Notepad – Never forget to congratulate someone on their achievements, even if it’s as small as taking a shower.  [Buy it here]


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