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Category: Bath Stuff

Enjoy World 2-2 while you’re underwater in the shower or tub with this Nintendo Super Mario Shower Curtain. Complete with Cheep Cheeps and Bloopers, this shower curtain comes preloaded with its own hazards. Just remember that slipping and falling in the bathroom is the real hazard, and no Power Up will protect you from that.

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The Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Smart Rechargeable toothbrush deliver the best plaque removal, gum health and whitening performance. Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Smart goes beyond traditional cleaning to deliver up to 10x more plaque removal, removes 100% more stains in just 3 days and improve Gum Health up to 7x in just 2 weeks . It also features a visual pressure sensor to alert you when you are brushing too hard. Customize your brushing experience using the 4 different modes and 3 intensity settings and know when to replace your brush head via a customized reminder. Its travel case allows you to take your toothbrush on the go and also includes a charging glass that can be used for charging or to rinse your mouth after brushing. vs. a manual toothbrush vs. a manual toothbrush in white+ mode vs. a manual toothbrush in Gum Health modeBuy it here

Give yourself the gift of time off and enjoy a long luxurious bath at home accompanied by HOMFA’s bath tray. It holds your favorite things: phone, tablet, book, a glass, a towel and more. The multifunctional trays can be used in anyway you want, and thanks to its adjustable design, it can fit just about any tub. Buy it here

Easily bathe your dog with the Aquapaw Wearable Pet Bathing Tool. Combining a sprayer and scrubber in one handy tool, The Aquapaw fits on your hand like a glove. All you have to do is make a fist to turn it on and off. Additionally, the tool leaves one hand free to keep your dog in place. It also comes with small rubber scrubbers in the palm that help soothe them as well as thoroughly scrub and rinse.

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This wicker laundry basket is expertly handcrafted into the shape of a friendly elephant with a curling trunk. Lift the elephant’s hat to discover plenty of space for dirty laundry. Hand woven of water hyacinth on a metal frame. Includes removable lid and liner with Velcro attachment.Buy it here

“Proudly let your love of unicorns go to your head with our adorable Unicorn Shower Cap! This fun shower cap complete with a majestic golden horn will ensure your style stays dry like magic not wet and tragic.” Buy it here

Experience total relaxation with the Steamist Total Sense Steam Spa. Installing in your shower, this system gives you that spa-like treatment to make you feel your best. The Steamist Total Sense has four modes to achieve relaxation. Each stage of the system has benefits for your health. With a shower and steam option, you can relax and get clean at the same time. Steamist also has AromaSense which uses essential oils along with the steam.

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Luxurious waterfall glass LED faucet with temperature sensor helps you to control the temperature of the water based on your preference. One of the best ways to upgrade your modern bathroom decoration. It’s for those who love to add such luxurious things in their bathroom and uplift its beauty that way. By being able to choose your preferred temperature makes this faucet truly one of a kind.

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Flooxa Toothbrush Flooxa Toothbrush
Flooxa isn’t just another eco-friendly toothbrush, it’s also a beautiful creation to have. First thing you’ll notice about Flooxa is the laser-etched art on the back, designed by art students. For every toothbrush you buy, 10% of the proceeds is shared with the student. By using Flooxa, you’ll help save on planet resources, help an art student celebrate their creative design, all while maintaining your beautiful smile. Buy it here

Never miss any of the action with the Trinity Lighted Mirror TV. This stunning bathroom mirror measures at 42 inches in diameter and has an ultra bright fluorescent light around the circumference. Hidden by the mirror until turned on, the Trinity Lighted Mirror TV also features a 15.6-inch LED HDTV right on the mirror so you can finish your show, movie, or game as you get ready. Complete with HDMI and RF input, the Trinity Lighted Mirror TV has built in state of the art mini speakers to provide high quality audio to the 720p, 1080i, 16:9 widescreen ratio TV. A delightful addition to your morning or evening routine, the Trinity Lighted Mirror TV comes with a waterproof buoyant remote.

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Nebia Shower
A showerhead that is better in every way. A superior experience, iconic design, and 70% water savings. Nebia’s design and engineering provides a significantly superior shower experience in each and every sense. It is a fully self-installed shower system with an adjustable bracket and a portable wand that showers you with water like you’ve never experienced before.

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LaundryBoy Hamper
What better way to inspire someone (we’re looking at you and your clothes all over the place) to put their dirty laundry in a hamper than making it all part of a game? That’s how you’ll feel when using your new LaundryBoy Hamper. It’s quick to assemble and has two handles for ease of transport.” Buy it here

Bait & Hook Laundry Bag
Having a fun looking laundry bag like these fish shaped ones will help get your kids involved, which could be its biggest benefit. Having one of each color is useful for separately whites, darks and delicates. Buy Now