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The COBURNS iPad Stand

COBURNS iPad Stand COBURNS iPad Stand__ COBURNS iPad Stand_
There’s nothing more beautiful than minimal design that is full of functionality, that’s pretty much the philosophy behind the iPad design. It’s also exactly what makes FineGrain’s COBURNS iPad stand so perfect. Handcrafted locally in the USA, COBURNS is made from exotic hardwoods that make every stand unique. The stand gives you almost UNLIMITED viewing angles in both portrait and landscape modes. It’s very compact in size, it fits comfortably in your iPad sleeve or in your pocket, and its well-thought felt packaging can be used as a hook for a keychain. Magnet pieces on the inside of the stand pieces keep it held together when not in use. And since the COBURNS is fully finished by hand, the end result is wood that is smoother than glass, so it won’t harm the body or screen of your iPad. It is compatible with iPad Mini, Mini Retina, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Air. You can pre-order your COBURNS iPad Stand for only $19 at Kickstarter.com. See more products by FainGrain at FineGra.in Buy it here

See how the COBURNS is manufactured and how it works in this video:

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