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Declan Squared: Microfiber Pocket Squares & Handkerchiefs

Declan Squared Declan Squared Declan Squared Declan SquaredDeclan Squared Designs
Eyewear, tablets and smartphones are part of our daily lives. Chances are, you had to wipe them clean at least once or twice when you’re on the go and you had nothing but your shirt to clean them with, which only makes the smudges worse. If that happens to you often, you need Declan Squared. These ultra-stylish microfiber pocket squares and handkerchiefs are simply brilliant. They’ll clean your gear with a simple wipe, no water or cleaner required. You could choose to carry around the tiny microfiber cloth that is included with your glasses or smartphone case, but here’s the thing, that small cloth will never look as good as a Declan Squared. Available in many cool patterns, Declan Squared is not only a handy microfiber handkerchief, it’s a must-have fashion accessory.

You can get your Declan Squared starting at only $5 on Kickstarter.com. You can learn more about Declan Squared at Getdeclan.com Buy it here

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