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Projecteo The Tiny Instagram Projector [Review]

While back, we featured Projecteo, the tiny Instagram projector. The folks at Projecteo were kind enough to send us one for a review, so here it is!

Much like its title suggests, Projecteo is quite tiny. It is practically weightless and fits in the palm of your hand. For $34.98, you will get:

  • The Projecteo projector
  • One reel of photos (9 photos per reel).
  • Batteries.
  • Free worldwide shipping

By connecting to Instagram through Projecteo’s site, you’ll be able to view all your photos and add them to your reel. You can create and add additional reels to your order at $8.99 per reel.

Operating your Projecteo couldn’t be simpler, just insert the reel, turn the projector on and you’re all set. To change from one photo to another, you’ll manually rotate the wheel. At first, the projected image can be out of focus, so you’ll have to rotate the lens on the projector to get the right focus.

Projecteo 3
Projecteo works 100% as promised, the photos are well-printed into the reel (if that’s the correct technical term) and display nicely on the wall. It was hard for me to take a photo of it in action, so in reality it is better than pictured above. The following video will give you a better idea for how it works:

Projecteo is a great little toy that will give you a new fun way to share photos with family and friends. It’s not a high-tech gadget, and that’s the beauty of it. It’s quite simple in how it works, and its small size makes it easy to enjoy anywhere.

You can learn more and get your Projecteo at Getprojecteo.com.

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