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Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 5/5S Protective Case

SPIGEN SGP SGP10490 Tough Armor Case for iPhone 5_5SSPIGEN SGP SGP10490 Tough Armor Case for iPhone 5_5S_

You can’t risk having your iPhone break, not only it is valuable on its own but we use it to manage our daily lives from little daily tasks, home and work tasks and even to protect our more valuable possessions like our cars or pets. While most fully protective iPhone cases are bulky and basically ruin the design and aesthetic of your iPhone, this case by Spigen is fully inspired by the iPhone design itself. The case is only 1.5mm thick, it features a special Air Cushion technology that protects your iPhone from drops without adding bulk to the case. It is also fully compatible with Touch ID, unlike most protective cases that make it harder to press the home button. Spigen’s Tough Armor will protect your iPhone 5/5s fully without sacrificing any style or features of your iPhone, or adding any weight or bulk to it. Available in 5 colors. $24.99 Buy it here

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