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Tag: Fancy

Dark Clouds Wall Decal
The Dark Clouds is an absolutely stunning wall decal that adds lots of excitement to any room, may it be your bedroom, living room or office. The decal is self-adhesive, doesn’t require any special tools or installation. It’s reusable and will not damage your walls when removed. Buy it here

Leather Heart Bookmark
Keep track of your reading material using these sweet heart-shaped leather bookmarks. Available in black, brown or gold, the Heart bookmarks are made of two pieces of natural leather that slip on to the edge of any page. Buy it here

Bauhaus Edition Fisheye Baby 110 Lomography
This colorful tiny camera will add much more excitement to your fun activities. Capture randomly cool photos with its 170-degrees fisheye lens with multiple and long exposure features. The camera uses a Lomography 110 film, so it’s perfect for anyone who enjoys an analog photography experience. Buy Now

Bag Tag Smartphone Charger
A very convenient design for a portable charger, this Bag Tag charger is compatible with both Lightning and Micro USB devices and can give you 1.5 full charge on the go. The tag itself is made from beautiful smooth bonded leather, available in 5 colors. Buy Now

Customizable Cookie Stamp:

Customizable Cookie Stamp Customizable Cookie Stamp_
This stamp comes with set of letters and a few symbols that you can use to stamp your own custom messages on your delicious cookies. Excellent for making cookies with holiday greetings on them! Buy Now

Selby Beverage Dispenser:

Selby Beverage Dispenser
The Selby beverage dispenser is made from glass, which makes it look beautiful on any table setting. The two compartment dispenser can hold more than 2 gallons, enough to quench everyone’s thirst. Buy Now

Ironwood Gourmet Acacia Wood Cocktail Plates:

Ironwood Gourmet Acacia Wood Cocktail Plates
Your guests will certainly appreciate these cocktail plates that hold appetizers and a glass of wine together with the use of one hand. Made of Acacia Wood, sold in a set of 4. Buy Now

Corkcicle One Wine Chiller and Aerator:

Corkcicle One Wine Chiller and Aerator
The stainless steel Corkcicle features a special freezing gel that maintains chilled whites and cools down room temp reds. It also features a built-in aerator that enhances the aromatic profile of any wine. Simply chill the Corkcicle One in the freezer before use, when ready insert it into the bottle and pour right through it. A flip cap on the top will ensure that the bottle is sealed and the cool temp is always maintained.
Buy Now

Iced Fruit Infusion Pitcher:

Iced Fruit Infusion Pitcher
Create and serve delicious fruit-infused drink with this pitcher. Cut your favorite fruit, insert it into the rod, add your drink of choice to the pitcher and top it of with the lid, which has a detachable frozen tube to keep the drink chilled. Result is a nicely chilled, infused drink without any pulp, seeds or diluted ice. Buy Now

Picnic at Ascot Malvern Cheese Board Set:

Picnic at Ascot Malvern Cheese Board Set
Beautiful Bamboo wood cheese board with crackers rim and a hidden drawer that includes stainless steel cheese knives. Buy Now

Cheesy Board by Mustard:

Mustard Cheesy Board
If you appreciate a bit of humor at the table, you’ll love this tempered-glass Cheesy Board with the quote “To Brie or Not To Brie” on it. Buy Now

Stem Metal & CitriTwist:

Stem Metal & CitriTwist
Allow your guests to add an extra kick of citrus to their food without the mess. This set includes a polished aluminum citrus spritzer and CitriTwist, a reamer that extracts every last drop of juice without making a mess. Buy Now

Cake Slice Marker Set:

Cake Slice Marker Set
This marker set takes all the guess-work out of cutting equal pieces of cake or pies. The set includes 5, 6, 7, 9, and 11-piece makers that you simply place on top of your cake and it will mark the lines where you should cut for equal size of the exact number of pieces you want. Buy Now

Marble Slab Ice Cream Mixing Set:

Marble Slab Ice Cream Mixing Set
Serving Ice Cream for dessert? Might as well make it part of the evening’s entertainment with this Marble Slab ice cream mixing set. It includes: a marble slab, which you need to freeze before use, 3 ceramic dishes for mix-ins, 2 stainless steel mixing spades and a bamboo base that holds all those components together. Buy Now

Tipsy Melting Glasses
These glasses look a bit melted, unable to stand on their own, a lot like you when you’ve had too many drinks. Each Tipsy glass is unique and no two are alike, and although they look different in size, they all hold the same amount of 250 ml. Sold in a set of 6. Buy Now

Glow in the Dark Indoor Basketball Hoop
A glow in the dark indoor mini hoop with a spring loaded rim. Made from shatterproof polycarbonate and sound dampening material on the back of the board, so you can play all night long without worrying about waking anyone up. Who needs sleep anyway? Buy Now

Leica Lens Mug
You’ve seen many Canon and Nikon Lens coffee mugs around, but if you happened to be a Leica user and fan, those mugs are not for you, this one is. Buy Now