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Tag: Firebox

Serenity Now Print by Signfeld Jerk Store by Signfeld
Signfeld (which we hope you realize by now is a play on the name Seinfeld) create these vintage style typographic posters to immortalize the wisdom and humor Seinfeld brought us. Each poster with a quote also has the name of the character, the episode number and its name. $31.49 Buy it here

Show off your Instagram photos by turning them into coasters that will sit on your coffee table for everyone to see. The photos will be printed on water-resistant material finished with gloss varnish, giving your photos an even nicer look. Choose from a set of 4, 8 or 12. Prices start at $23.79 Buy it here

A plant needs love and attention to grow the way it should, and if you don’t have that kind of time, then let these animal friends take care of your plants. The ceramic animals hold small plants in their backpacks.. keep them in a cup of water and they’ll soak it up through their fabric siphon tails to feed your plant. $12.99 Buy it here