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Tarxia Taracea Wood iPhone Cover [Review]


A while back, we featured Tarxia; an iPhone 4/4S wood back covers handcrafted in Granada, Spain using Taracea, a 700 years old technique that originated from the Arabian Andalusi world. One of the creators of Tarxia, Adrián Rosales Millán, was kind enough to offer me one for a  hands-on review.

Design & Materials:

The Tarxia collection features 4 designs that feature distinctive geometric designs associated with Arabian Andalusi art. You’ll notice how different these designs are from all available iPhone cover designs at first sight. They truly stand out.


Tarxia Process2

Different types of wood are used as the main material for these covers. Geometric mosaics are cut and assembled, piece by piece, by local craftsmen in Granada who specialize in the Taracea technique. The result is a beautiful piece of art to go with your iPhone.

Although Tarxia is made of wood, it feels very smooth, almost like a ceramic tile. The varnishing used gives it a smooth matt finish, it protects it from scratches and water and makes it safe for daily use.


Now it’s important to understand that this is not your usual case or a cover, it is actually a back panel that replaces your iPhone’s glass battery cover. The idea of Tarxia is that it gives your iPhone an artistic look and necessary protection without adding any volume to it or taking away from its design and shape. So installing a Tarxia back cover requires some work, but it’s quite simple… it took me less than 2 minutes to install.

Tarxia-Package Tarxia_Back-Panel
Simply, you’ll have to unscrew your iPhone’s back panel using the provided screwdriver. The back panel slides up and can be easily removed. Then, you’ll replace it with the Tarxia back panel and put the screws back in place. And you’re done!

If you’re worried about the iPhone’s camera, flash or any performance related issues – the replacement of the back panel will not affect those in any way. I’ve been using my iPhone with Tarxia installed for nearly a week now and have not noticed any changes whatsoever. The only thing that’s changed is that I’ve been getting some serious compliments!


The Tarxia I’m reviewing here is the Kaleidoscope which is quite imaginative and gives off different patterns as you look at it.

You can see the entire collection here: http://www.tarxia.com/shop/ And you can find some making-of photos of Tarxia here: http://www.tarxia.com/lookbook/

If you’ve upgraded to an iPhone 5, the Tarxia team is already working on a back cover for it, as well as a new range of designs.

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