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Valta Remote Energy Management for Home

Valta remote energy management system
Valta is an easy-to-use energy management system for your home. The automated Valta sockets deduct unused devices and wasted energy and notify you to help you save on your bill. You can connect your Valta system to your Wireless home network so you can manage and control connected devices via your phone, tablet or computer, whether you’re home or away. Not only that, but the application, which is available free for iOS devices and as a web app, allows you to schedule when you want your devices to go on or off or time how long you want to keep them on. The Valta Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 Valta-Hub
  • 2 Valta Automated Sockets
  • 1 Power Adaptor for the Valta-Hub
  • 1 Ethernet Cable
  • Free Valta Cloud Account
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