Teak & Bamboo Watch by Analog Watch Company

Introducing Teak & Bamboo Watch by Analog Watch Company – A wristwatch that gives you a sophisticated design out of 80% biodegradable products. It’s got a flexible teak strap made from lumber offcuts and a solid bamboo body, both of which together makes this timepiece look extremely classic and earth friendly at the same time.

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Keplero Table

Let your furniture adapt to the environment through this eclectic design in the form of the Keplero Table whose legs can rotate around the central base. The benefit lies with the various visual structural effects you can create through this table by arranging the legs in different positions time and again. The table is entirely made from walnut wood and is a visual masterpiece you can use to beautify any corner of the house you prefer.

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Create Your Personalized 3D Printed Bobble Head With Mixee Bobbler

Mixee Bobbler Mixee Bobbler_
Turn yourself or any of your loved ones into a little 3D printed bobble head. Using the personalization tool, you’ll be able to create a mini you in a matter of minutes. The bobble head stands at 3 inches tall, making it a great desk top to keep you company at work or school.

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Boskke Cube 3 Plant Pot

Boskke Cube 3 Plant Pot Boskke Cube 3 Plant Pot_7
Enjoy your plants without the need to continuously water them thanks to this clear polycarbonate plant pot that’s also a water reservoir. Featuring a special Slo-Flo watering system that slowly feeds the water up to the soil, simply fill it up and it will do the rest.

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Yes Man Sunnies

Yes Man Sunnies._ Yes Man Sunnies
Yes Man Sunnies are handcrafted hybrid of plastic and bamboo sunglasses made by people who organically grow their own bamboo and launched by people who personally know their supplier. Why should that matter to you? Because it makes a huge difference that you’ll finally know where your sunnies are coming from and how they’re made. The majority of sunglasses, including big brand and designer names, are made in China using the same material and same suppliers, but you end up paying a fortune just for a name. With Yes Man sunnies, you’ll be getting the same high quality but for a much affordable price. You can learn more about YesMan Sunnies and the story behind it buy visiting the Kickstarter page.

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Flying Pigs Sticker Pack

It’s time you gave your kids an interesting introduction to a world of creativity starting with these adorable Flying Pigs Sticker Pack. Yes, it’s a concept which visualizes a whole new skyline that is adorned with flying pigs all around in contrary to the birds and aeroplanes we are used to seeing in the sky till date.

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Stickmen Bookends

If KungFu is what you fantasize learning in the near future, you may as well start the process by storing your favorite reads using these Stickmen Bookends. They are a set of two metal bookends which have been shaped exactly like KungFu ninjas so as to give you that fighting spirit while going through your goodreads everyday.

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DuraSound Bluetooth Speaker By Truffol [Review]

Truffol DuraSound Speaker Review
I’ve never been a fan of portable speakers and have always been quite skeptical of their ability to provide high quality sound. By now, I’m used to my trustworthy Bose SoundDock and how it sounds, so when I was offered the DuraSound Bluetooth speaker by my friends at Truffol I wasn’t expecting much – especially for a speaker that costs less than $50, but as I know them as creators of high-quality smartphone accessories (like the Truffol Leather iPhone Skin) I thought I should give the speaker a try, and I’m really glad I did!

Specs of the Truffol DuraSound Speaker:

DuraSound Speaker Specs
As soon as I hit the play button, I was truly impressed with the sound that came out of this little speaker. Unlike speakers of its size, the sound is very clear and can be turned up really high without losing clarity.

You have two connectivity options: Bluetooth or NFC (Near Field Communication) for devices enabled with this feature. I did not have one in hand so I only tried connecting via Bluetooth, which was easy and without any issues. When you power on the speaker, it goes to pairing mode right away. On your device, you’ll select DuraSound from the Bluetooth device list, a voice prompt will alert you that you’re now paired and you should be all set.

The rechargeable battery takes 4 hours to fully charge and gives you up to 8 hours of playback time. It recharges via a micro-usb cable which is included.


DuraSound Truffol
The DuraSound is only 6.5 x 2.17 x 2.44 inches and weighs at 0.75 pounds. The design of the speaker is nothing astonishing, but it’s a design that works. The speaker is wrapped in a silicone sleeve that protects it from drops and keeps it from slipping. This rugged design makes it ready for your use and abuse indoors or outdoors.

Apart from the power button on the side, the speaker only has 3 buttons on the top. Volume buttons which are also used to return to and skip songs (light press will skip the song, pressing and holding will control volume) and the microphone button which answers and ends calls. Yes, this speaker also features a built-in mic that allows you to take calls and speak handsfree, echo-free.

Included with the speaker two cables: a micro USB for charging and an AUX cable for an additional connectivity option. The great thing is that both cables are flat and tangle-free, making them perfect for portability.


I am rather impressed with the DuraSound’s sound quality. To be honest, I’ve not tried many Bluetooth speakers, but what I know is this: not many speakers combine Bluetooth, NFC, Speakerphone and this sound clarity in a price range under $50. The DuraSound provides a lot of value for your money indeed.

The speaker is available in 3 colors: black, yellow and blue. I would advice you pick any color other than the black as the silicone does seem to collect visible dust, although easily wiped clean. I imagine the yellow or blue to have a cleaner look.

You can learn more about the DuraSound and buy it by visiting Truffol’s website.

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