5 Cool & Unique Home Decor Gifts

The More You Gnome Zen Garden:
The More You Gnome Zen Garden
Achieve a zen state of mind while playing with your own little Gnome garden. Perfect to add to your desktop for a peaceful break from work, this set includes a rectangle sand box, a lotus-posing gnome, toadstools and other mini figures to decorate your gnome garden. [Buy it here]

Squirrel Jewelry Dish:
Squirrel Jewelry Dish
This cute squirrel standing over a petal-textured base will keep an eye on your favorite daily jewelry and accessories. [Buy it here]

Twine After Time Photo Hanger Kit:
Twine After Time Photo Hanger Kit
Photos are definitely the best way to personalize a home or office, this kit makes the best photo display to add to a plain wall. It includes twine, wall-mount and pins to hold your photos. Not only that, but it also comes with a special offer from Shutterfly for free photo prints to get you started. Additionally, it comes with 25 colorful prints. [Buy it here]

My Light in Shining Armour LOVE LED Sign:
My Light in Shining Amour Lamp
This LED sign is guaranteed to fill any room with a lot of warmth. It’s battery operated, so you can easily place it anywhere you like without worrying about how to light it up, a flick of a switch and you’re all set for this shining love.  [Buy it here]

Brilliant Resilience Hoop Art:
Brilliant Resilience Hoop Art
Let this beautiful hoop art remind you of how tough and resilient you are. The quote “Life is tough, but so are you” is screen printed on textile in a stitch-inspired style. [Buy it here]

Walli: The Smartest Wallet, Ever.

Walli Smartest Wallet
Not long ago, we brought you the news about Walli, a connected smart wallet that notifies you if you’ve left it behind. Since the campaign for Walli went live on IndieGogo, it has reached more than double its funding goal in a matter of days!

What Makes Walli The Smartest Wallet, Ever?

Walli Components

  • It connects to your smartphone via the Walli app to notify you if you’ve left it behind.
  • It also works the other way around, if you’ve lost your phone, double-tap your Walli and your phone will start to ring even if its on silent!
  • SecurePockets: this patent-pending technology monitors the pocket you use the most and knows if you’ve left your card behind. It will notify you if your credit card or ID is missing from the pocket for too long.
  • No charging required, the coin cell battery on Walli lasts for up to 6 months before you need to replace it.

See It In Action:

Walli is available in two sizes: a standard wallet or Walli Travel, a travel wallet that includes a slot for holding your passport, it’s a must-have for frequent travelers, you really never want to leave your passport behind! You can get your Walli now and save up to 45% OFF the retail price.

The Walli app will be available for iOS and Android devices for free.

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Sphero SPRK Edition: App-Enabled Ball

Sphero SPRK Edition- App-Enabled Ball
Sphero SPRK Edition is the same Sphero robot we’ve all come to love but with the ability to inspire you to learn and create. You can use its app to create code using visual block-based programming , the codes you create will be used to control your Sphero robot. You can create commands like flip, roll, spin or change color and learn the basics of programming along the way! Sphero SPRK is a great toy and learning tool suitable for all ages.

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See it in action:

Fishs Eddy Gilded Word Side Plates

Fishs Eddy Gilded Word Side Plates
Glided side dishes, inspired by old hotels and roadside coffee shops, with inviting words on them. Perfect dishes for serving dessert.

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Ministry of Supply Heat Regulated Baselayer T-Shirt and Crew Neck Sweater

It’s the season when layers are almost mandatory. The problem with layering is, as you move throughout the day, it can get too hot or too cold, forcing you to continuously put a sweater on or take it off. This problem is long gone with Ministry of Supply‘s heat regulated baselayer t-shirt and sweater.

Atmos LT Baselayer Crew Neck T-shirt:

Atmos LT Baselayer Crew Neck
A baselayer t-shirt is a must-have for all seasons. And we can guarantee you’ve never owned a t-shirt as good as Ministry of Supply’s Atmos. Made of a combination of cotton and moisture-wicking polyamide, with 4-way stretch that will stretch with you as you move, you will never feel restricted in this fitted t-shirt.

Atmos LT Baselayer Crew Neck_
The soft Atmos t-shirt not only wicks moisture, but it regulates your temperature and absorbs odors, giving you a fresh feel for the entire day. The new Atmos design has been updated to be more breathable, with seamless ventilation pattern that runs up the back and over the shoulders and collarbone. Atmos is available in white or black.

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Mercury SVK Crew Neck Sweater:

Mercury SVK Crew Neck
Just like the Atmos T-shirt, as well as everything designed by Ministry of Supply, the Mercury Crew Neck has been designed with your movement in mind. The sweater has seamless ventilation that allows airflow where your body heats up the most, giving you a cool feel in any temperature. It is made of Merino wool blended with Phase Change Material that maintains your temperature in any climate. The sweater is also interwoven with S.Cafe, a material made of recycled coffee grounds that absorbs odor. The Mercury sweater is available in Black or Charcoal.

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Darth Vader Waffle Maker

Darth Vader Waffle Maker Darth Vader Waffle Maker_
This Star Wars waffle maker will make you a Darth Vader shaped waffle with no detail spared. With 5 temperature settings, you can make your Darth Vader waffle soft or crispy.

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