Breaking Bad LookaLite

Breaking Bad LookaLite
Sporting the iconic yellow hazmat suit and gasmask, these chubby little bedside lamps are a sentimental celebration of Pinkman and Heisenberg in their pomp; busy in the laboratory churning out batch after batch of the good old blue stuff whilst the money rolled in.

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FLIO – Ultra Slim & Portable Wooden Laptop Stand

FLIO - ultra slim & portable wooden laptop stand FLIO - ultra slim & portable wooden laptop stand_
By now, we all know the benefits of raising a laptop up to eye level, it takes a lot of pressure off your back and gives you a much better sitting position. But if you happened to work on the go, you know how laptop stands can be hard to carry around. Flio solves this issue, it’s ultra slim, collapsible and portable. Made of three thin wood elements that fit together like a puzzle, the stand is easy to put together and collapse after use, you can pack it flat in your laptop bag.

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Kokeshi Bento Boxes

Kokeshi Bento Boxes Kokeshi Bento BoxesKokeshi Bento Boxes
Take your lunch and keep it as appetizing as when you made it. The Kokeshi Bento Boxes feature three stackable compartments, with an airtight lid in the middle. It keeps your lunch neatly organized and separated so you don’t end up eating mush. Apart from how useful they are, let’s take a moment to recognize how adorable they look. That alone makes them worth having!

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Motorola Keylink

Never lose your phone or keys again. Motorola Keylink pairs with any Android or iOS smartphone using the Motorola Connect app. Make your phone ring anywhere up to 100 feet away. Or use the app to see where your keys are on a map. Keeps your Motorola or Droid smartphone unlocked when your keys are nearby—no need to enter a password.

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Uuni Stack

Uuni Stack makes dough proving organised and easy. The multi-use product is also great for cooking prep, chopping and stylish storage. Great dough is the bedrock of a great pizza and proving (or proofing, if you prefer) plays an important part in getting it right. We used to cover plates with cling film or find random containers to fill with dough balls but always found this to be… not such a great process. And so, Uuni Stack was born.

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Perpetual Disappointments Diary

Perpetual Disappointment Diary Perpetual Disappointment Diary_ Perpetual Disappointment Diary__
The Disappointments Diary is a perpetual appointment diary and journal full of disappointing and demotivational verbs. Sounds like a saddening thing to own? On the contrary, it’s quite hilarious! Inside, you’ll find things like: Apology Note templates, Bank Insecurity Questions, Useful Phrases – which are usually used by disappointing people. In the Addresses page, you’ll find a section dedicated to People Who Never Call and Imaginary Friends. It is impossible not to get a chuckle out of this journal!

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Christmas Lights iPhone Charger

Get into the Christmas spirit, starting with your iPhone! This festive Lightning charging cable features 10 multicolored LED lights that light up when you plug in your phone to charge. Compatible with the iPhone 5/5S/5C and the 6/6 Plus!

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