Glow in the Dark Indoor Basketball Hoop

Glow in the Dark Indoor Basketball Hoop
A glow in the dark indoor mini hoop with a spring loaded rim. Made from shatterproof polycarbonate and sound dampening material on the back of the board, so you can play all night long without worrying about waking anyone up. Who needs sleep anyway?

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Luna Rock Solid Series Spa by Lifesmart

Grasp in the real calmness and relaxation spirit of a spa with three of your friends at one time on this Luna Rock Solid Series Spa by Lifesmart. It’s a 110V Plug & Play spa which works in three simple steps – just set it up, fill it up and plug it in. In much less power, it offers better performance as compared to other hot tub installations. The seating is comfy and barrier free which is provided with a rotating back waterfall.

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ForeverSpin™ 2.0 – Precise, Durable and Elegant Spinning Tops

ForeverSpin 2
You may remember ForeverSpin’s elegant spinning tops from the last time we featured them. This company has made it its duty to bring the world’s oldest toy, the spinning top, back to life but this time it’s a beautiful and luxurious toy that you simply just want to have. In their original campaign, ForeverSpin was trying to raise $1,500 in an effort to create a truly precise and balanced spinning top, but instead, they raised over $130,000! So if you missed on the first campaign, here’s your 2.0 chance:

ForeverSpin 2.0
Spinning tops are a fun thing to play with, they help relief stress, the perfect toy to enjoy while brainstorming, and they’re great fun as a group game. ForeverSpin 2.0 is an improved design that features:

  • An improved longer spindle for increased speed and better grip.
  • A redesigned tip for increased balance.
  • And it’s bigger by 75% by volume.

ForeverSpin2 Dock
ForeverSpin 2.0 is available in Stainless steel, Titanium or 24K Gold Plated. For the collector: you’ll be happy to know that you can get a Stainless steel or Gold plated dock for your ForeverSpin tops. As a beautiful piece of art, they deserve to be on display at all time. Each ForeverSpin 2.0 top carries the ForeverSpin™ seal and has a unique serial number

You can get your ForeverSpin 2.0 starting at $28, and if you act quickly, you can get in on some awesome rewards.

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See it in action:

OtterBox Commuter Wallet Case for iPhone 6

OtterBox Commuter Wallet iPhone 6 OtterBox Commuter Wallet iPhone 6_
Appropriately named, the Commuter is perfect for anyone who is always on the run. Slim but tough, it protects your iPhone 6 from any possible drops or scratches and keeps your pocket slim with its built-in hidden wallet that can hold cash and cards. You can personalize the colors of your own OtterBox iPhone case on the OtterBox website. Also available for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5/5S and Galaxy S5.

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Pigeon Mask

Make yourself stand out this Halloween and anytime throughout the year by wearing this absolutely stunning Pigeon Mask. Create your own flock with friends by buying a bunch of these at one time and then have real fun on the streets with yourself turned into a big sized pigeon head. You might gain a lot of attention especially in front of real pigeon flocks.

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Carbon Fiber Batman MacBook Decal

Pair up the Apple logo of your MacBook with the superhero of Gotham City using this Carbon Fiber Batman MacBook Decal. Made out of technology safe vinyl, the decal bears the Batman mask which attaches beautifully on the Apple logo thus giving it a charm of its own. The carbon fiber usage enhances the overall appearance of the decal which is removable but not repositionable. So you need to be absolutely sure before applying it on your MacBook as this does not give you the opportunity to try using different locations.

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Slap Happy Beer Markers

Slap Happy Beer Markers Slap Happy Beer Markers_
Slap bracelets are back in fashion, but this time around they’re beer exclusive. This set of 6 slap bracelets marks everyone’s beer bottle with a color and a snappy saying that identifies you personally. These bracelets make an excellent conversation starter in any party setting.

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Candeeiros Backpack

Ideal&Co Candeeiros backpack commuting cycle chic
Concept: Inspired by the aesthetic of a simple and functional Messenger, Candeeiros Backpack is a messenger but with vertical shape. With a timeless design, versatile, allowing multiple uses. The two detachable straps can be changed depending on the different uses . Bike use and sport (cross back), casual (on the shoulders) and business (cross over strap). Inside the brand label is signed and dated by the craftsman who executed the piece.

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