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Slap Happy Beer Markers

Slap Happy Beer Markers Slap Happy Beer Markers_
Slap bracelets are back in fashion, but this time around they’re beer exclusive. This set of 6 slap bracelets marks everyone’s beer bottle with a color and a snappy saying that identifies you personally. These bracelets make an excellent conversation starter in any party setting.

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ArmRestor: All-In-One Vehicle Accessory

ArmRestor is a simple accessory that brings all the items scattered in your car into one place so you can concentrate more on your driving and less on grabbing things. The ArmRestor can hold a box of tissues, it features a coin dispenser and a cup holder to hold your travel mug, water bottle or even your phone. Additionally, ArmRestor makes your ride a lot more comfortable thanks to the padded armrest that gives your body a more relaxed position when leaning on the door.


See the ArmRestor in action:

ArmRestor can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter for only $36 with free shipping. Available in Black or Beige.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is an HDMI stick that gets you almost everything you get from  Amazon Fire streaming device, for less than half the price! A great alternative for someone on a budget, the Fire TV stick gives you:

  • Full access to Amazon Instant Video with a 30 days Amazon Prime Trial.
  • Access to many video and music streaming apps like Hulu Plus, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, ESPN, Showtime, YouTube and many more
  • Over 200 gaming apps, which you can take to the next level with the Fire Game Controller.

The Fire TV Stick is a simple plug & play  and portable solution that you can take with you from room to room or even from house to house, which we believe many of us will be doing a lot this Holiday season.

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What’s The Difference Between Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick?

  • Amazon Fire TV has a voice controlled remote control where the Fire TV stick has a regular remote. The voice controlled remote can be purchased separately or you can use the Remote app available for iOS and Android devices.
  • The Fire TV has more powerful tech specs than the the Fire TV Stick.

Amazon Fire TV vs Fire TV Stick

Baking With My Homies Cookie Stampers

Baking With My Homies Cookie Stampers Baking With My Homies Cookie Stampers_
Who would have thought cookies could look so gansta! With this set of 3 cookie stamps, you can now make 2Pac, Biggie and Eazy-E cookies. The stamps give you detailed designs and decorating them is all up to you.

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GAMEPLY – Showcase Your Video Games

GAMEPLY -Showcase your games GAMEPLY -Showcase your games__
If you’re an avid gamer, then you’re most likely to have your video games all over the place, or maybe have them organized but hidden away. If you’d prefer to display your games with pride and organization, you’ll love this GAMEPLY stand which is available for Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo and even SEGA games. The stands connect to each other via built-in magnets on the side to you can attach more as your collection grows.

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Fred Egg-A-Matic Chick Boiled Egg Mold

Fred Egg-A-Matic Chick Mold
Egg-A-Matic molds a boiled egg into a chick shape, that can stand on its own feet. How do you shape a boiled egg though? After boiling and peeling your egg, place it in the mold and close it, dunk the mold in cold water for a few minutes and voila! The mold is also available as a skull shape.

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“Snug as a Mug” Ceramic Mug with Cable Knit Sleeve

Snug as a Mug
With the cold weather here, you’ll appreciate having this mug wrapped in a ‘sweater’ that will provide insulation for your mug and some warmth to your hand without burning them.

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2015 Year in Stitches Calendar Kit

2015 Year in Stitches Calendar Kit
2015 Year in Stitches Calendar Kit_
Enjoy cross stitching? This yearly calendar will ensure you have something to stitch at least once a month. The kit includes 12 cards with artistically arranged names of each month, embroidery needle and floss as instructions.

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