Old meets the new! Charge your smart gadget with an 80s style Brick Phone shaped charger. Lucky for us, this brick phone is more portable and powerful than the original innovation. It has 2,600mAh battery that charges your smartphone 1.5 times from 0%. Built-in LED glows red when your device is charging and blue once fully charged. Available in the classic grey or in pink. Buy it here

Turn your Gen 4 Apple TV remote control into a universal remote with this Sideclick attachment. The attachment allows you to control your TV, Blu-ray player, soundbar, receiver and other devices. Your Apple TV remote (only Gen 4 is compatible) slides into the Sideclick attachment, which gives it some bulk and makes it hard to lose. The Sideclick attachment is also available for Amazon Fire TV remote, and Roku Remote. Buy it here

Whether he’s peeking out from behind garden fence door, lurking in the bathroom ready to strike, or hiding under your bed to scare the heck out of your cat… much fun is to be had with our bad-ass Ninja Gnome!Buy it here


“When you need a break from the evils of the world, snuggle up with a cute and comfy companion who knows what you’re going through. Modeled after the famous Three Wise Monkeys carving, the Hear No Evil Monkey Pillow has velcro paws that can cover its eyes, ears, and mouth.”

Buy it here