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7 Cool & Creative Shower Curtains

BathTub Shower Curtain
BathTub Shower Curtain – be the star of your own online show. $29.90 Buy it here

Social Shower Curtain
Or if you prefer a live reenactment of your social network profile, this is the shower curtain for you. $15 Buy it here

Wanted Scary Shower Curtain
a shower curtain that creates a horror scene. $21.99 Buy it here

Shadow of the Duck Shower Curtain
But if the thought of a huge bath ducky scares you more, this would be your horror scene. $15.45 Buy it here

White Noise Shower Curtain
This “white noise” shower curtain will make sense as soon as the shower starts running and the “shhhhh” water sound starts. $31 Buy it here

Police Line Shower Curtain
Turn your shower into a crime scene that no one should cross. Except for you, detective. Buy it here

Save Water Shower Curtain
Some good advice, it’s the least you can do to help the environment. $39 Buy it here

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