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attach your janglies to the magnet concealed beneath these snoozing creatures and they’ll awaken from their slumber to keep a watchful eye over your keys.Buy Now

Cocoon your body in the midst of soft woolen texture. The Sail Pouf is one such relaxing seater that will cover you with comfort every time you decide to rest on it in a cosy afternoon. It has been designed out of 100% woolen fabric weave and stuffed with a comfortable polyester filling. Not only this, but the lounger will also provide you with cradling back support and also includes sides that poof up to hold your arms.

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Inspired by minimalist Scandinavian design, BedShelfie is a smart piece of furniture that keeps your favorite things close to your bed while saving space. Bedshelfie requires no special assembly or installation, it simply attaches to bed frames (up to 2.25 inches) using a clamp with thick felt padding to prevent scratching. It can safely hold up to 20lbs of your items to keep them at arms reach while you relax. Available in three colors. Buy it here

Enjoy a table that supports your lifestyle with the Smartables Minimalist Multimedia Table. Featuring a minimalist Scandinavian design, Smartables is full of useful features. With built-in Bluetooth speakers, you can easily put on your favorite music without any cables. Likewise, it wirelessly charges up to 3 QI devices using an inductive charge just by placing your devices on the table.

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Huff and puff and bring the house down with these party balloon string lights! This battery-operated decoration touts colorful inflatables that illuminate the room, setting the party vibe so that your celebration can unfold accordingly.

Melt the red candle in this ceramic head, and watch ‘blood’ come out of the nostrils, just like she’s overexerted herself during a psychokinetic episode. The giant ornament comes with two red candles and a handy ‘nose picker’ tool in case she gets a blockage. Buy it here

If dressing in the dark something you have to suffer every day, either because you share a room with someone or it’s too early and dark out and you’re not ready for the lights to poke your eyes, this hanger is for you. Hangs up just like your average coathanger, two sections of the hanger light up and emit a soft white glow that’s bright enough to illuminate your clothes but dim enough not to wake your other half. Buy it here

Super cute unicorn ceramic planter called Victoria. Large pottery plant pot for succulents with smiling face totally handmade and hand painted. Victoria is an adorable unicorn girl vase where you can plant your succulents and cactusBuy it here

Fill up your empty walls with beautiful lively plants using this vertical, self-sustaining. SavvyGrow’s planters can be used indoor or outdoor for planting anything from herbs, vegetables, flowers or succulents. a built-in water level indicator makes it easy to maintain the watering, all you have to do is refill the water vessel and keep an eye on the indicator to know when to refill it next. Buy it here

Everyone knows that if you want to rule the Seven Kingdoms you’re going to need a little assistance of the ‘fire-breathing’ kind. Whilst you’ll never be able to fully train a dragon (no matter what Dreamworks might have you believe), this hatchling gives you the unique opportunity to nurture a close bond while it’s still young. ” As the egg shaped candle starts to melt, a dragon will be revealed. Each egg contains a random color of dragon. Buy it here

Bring your love for nature into your home with the Pulse 160 LED Jellyfish Aquarium. With an authoritative size, you can fit a variety of jellyfish of different sizes and species. The Pulse 160 actually has a volume of 46 gallons so it really makes a statement in any space. However, this isn’t your average aquarium. The Pulse 160 Aquarium uses a state-of-the-art flow and filtration system. It’s all built-in so there are no protruding parts.

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Give your decor a cool vibe with these handmade planters resembling Pineapples. Made of reclaimed wood and painted in tropical yellow or gold, it also has a magnet in the back. Air plant is included. Available as a single planter or a set of three. Buy it here