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ForeverSpin 2.0 – World Famous Spinning Tops

ForeverSpin Kickstarter
This isn’t the first time we mention ForeverSpin tops, actually, it’s the third time so far. Why do we keep coming back to ForeverSpin? Simply because the world seems to LOVE them! ForeverSpin has been fully funded TWICE on Kickstarter:

  • First campaign‘s funding goal was $1,500, instead it raised over $130,000.
  • Second campaign‘s funding goal was $5000, but it broke all records with over $400,000 in funding!

Missed those two campaigns? There’s some great news for you…

ForeverSpin Spinning Tops
ForeverSpin 2.0 has started a new funding campaign on Indiegogo, which gives you the chance to get your own tops. The ForeverSpin 2.0 is an upgraded version of the original ForeverSpin top. It’s an elegant, precise and perfectly balanced top that features an improved spindle for a longer spin and better grip, a redesigned tip for better balance and more volume for better ergonomics.

ForeverSpin2 Dock
The ForeverSpin 2.0 collection includes tops made of Stainless steel, Titanium and 24K Gold plated. Additional accessories include: a spinning base/surface and MetalMuseum dock which can hold and display 5 tops. You can get your own ForeverSpin 2.0 top starting at only $28.

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See it in action:

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