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MetalMuseum Elegant Spinning Tops

MetalMuseum Dock
A spinning top is a classic toy that will forever be entertaining. From the creators of Foreverspin, the luxury spinning tops that have already raised more than HALF A MILLION in funding on Kickstarter, comes a new elegant design that is made to last. MetalMuseum is a collection of elegant spinning tops made from solid metals like Magnesium , Titanium , 24KT Gold, Copper, Tungsten, to name a few. Everyone of these spinning tops has its unique texture and weight that makes it interesting to hold, spin or even just to look at. And most importantly, MetalMuseum spinning tops are made to last a lifetime.

New to the collection is the Dimond like Carbon spinning base which is made for the best possible spins, bringing your level of entertainment to a higher level.
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See the spinning tops in action:

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