A bamboo cutting board with built-in drawers makes food preparation less messy. Cut, slice and dice and slide into the drawer.. it’s that simple. Drawers can be pulled out completely for easier use. $39.99 Buy it here

The famous brown paper bag usually used to pack lunch is now available as a reusable eco-friendly bag. Made of tear-proof, leak-proof insulating material, it is most certainly a much better alternative to your regular brown bags. $19 Buy it here

Can’t seem to be able to create the perfect bow on a gift? Well, there’s no need to anymore. Use this 3D wrapping paper that comes with special glasses (of course) that will magically add the perfect bow on your gift. $8.95 Buy it here

I’m a huge fan of Hard Graft’s products, I’m a proud owner of their iPhone wallet and I always find their products hard to resist. This card case is one of their new products, perfect for anyone who doesn’t like bulky wallets, you can use it to hold a few cards and notes. The elastic ribbon holds your cards in place while adding some nice detail to the case. Made of premium Italian leather and wool felt. $51 Buy it here

Millions of people around the world using Instagram everyday to document their lives and turn them into fun picture. Wouldn’t it be fun to take those photos out of your phone and turn them into different products you can use in your home? Here are 6 services that can do just that for you!


I’ve always been fan of double-wall glasses for the suspension effect they add to drink, but these glasses take that cool effect to another level with the curved inner design. Each glass features a unique design that creates a fantastic optical effect when you fill it up either with a hot or cold drink. Comes in a set of 4.  Buy it here

Hatch & Co.’s Skinny iPad case with keyboard truly is skinny. It is the world’s slimmest and lightest iPad case with a keyboard. The keyboard gives you the ability to control music, video, language change, and more.. and the battery on it will last you 2 weeks (up to 6 weeks on standby). It is important to note that the keyboard on this case is a touch keyboard (what makes it skinny), but it has a special texture to it that gives it a ‘key’ feel to it. Available in black/grey and white/brown.  Buy it here

Here’s a new way to keep and protect your keys. KeyKeeper covers your keys entirely, protecting them from breaking as well as protecting your things from key scratches and such. As you insert your key into the keyhole, KeyKeeper will easily roll up so it’s very easy and functional to use. $6.50 Buy it here (Japanese > English translated page)