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Personalised Superhero Action Figures

Personalised Superhero Action Figures Personalised Superhero Action Figures_ Personalised Superhero Action Figures__

Become the superhero you’ve always thought yourself to be, but never really looked it. You  can now have your own superhero action figure with YOUR head on it! It’s a very simple process turning yourself into a superhero: choose from Captain America, Iron Man, Cat Woman, Thor or Wonder Woman, upload your photo (you’ll have to follow instruction for taking the photo), upload it to FireBox and wait. Thanks to magical 3D printing technology, you’ll soon have your head printed into a mini action figure head that goes onto your favorite superhero body!

Already got an action figure that you’d like personalized with your head? You can actually have your photo 3D printed to personalize as you like! Click here for more info.

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