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SigniCASE M9 Camera iPhone Case [Review + Discount Code]

Like I mentioned in the SigniCASE Natural Amplifier review post, I had another SigniCASE product for a review, and that is the M9 Camera iPhone Case. For people who are still not quite ready to upgrade to a new iPhone, this is a nice case to consider.

SigniCASE’s M9 iPhone case is made of bamboo, and it is engraved to add a camera’s details to the case. The engraving is quite impressive, it’s not just engraved lines on the case, it’s very detailed with a 3D effect to it.

The case fits your iPhone snugly, it’s the kind of case that you slide into your phone. It’s constructed of two halves, the phone slides to the top half, then you slide in the bottom half. On the inside, the two halves have suede padding so you don’t have to worry about scratching your iPhone.

The case does make your iPhone a little bulky. And while it looks very nice, I’m not sure of how protective it is. I did have a little issue with it (it was totally my fault, though)… I had a small ring around the iPhone’s camera for a magnetic lens, so when I slid in the top half of the case it cracked a little on the top. The good news it, the crack doesn’t even show, and when I removed the ring, the case held together like new.

Overall, I’m quite happy with this case, I just  love the camera look it gives my iPhone.

Here’s the sweet part: You can get $10 OFF your purchase if you decide to purchase something from SigniCASE. Just enter code btks12 at check out. *Code is valid for the first 100 orders*

The SigniCASE case is available in different camera designs and you get to choose from Walnut, Bamboo or Sapele. $42.99 Buy it here

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