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Win SPLASH Chopping Board from Mustard

Splash Chopping Board giveaway Our giveaway this week comes from our friends at Mustard, creators of many cool and fun gifts, many you’ve already seen on HolyCool. Last time, we’ve given away KATANA Bookends, and today our prize is something every cook will enjoy and love to have in their kitchen, it’s the SPLASH Chopping Board! Splash Chopping Board
SPLASH is a very clever chopping board. First of all, it looks way too cool on any counter as it’s designed to look like it’s spilling off the edge of the counter. But that “spill” isn’t just there as a cool factor, it actually keeps the chopping board in place and makes it more stable. It can also be removed, if you ever wanted to make the chopping board completely flat. One lucky entrant will win this awesome chopping board!

How To Enter:

Simple as always, just sign up using the form you see below. After you sign up, you’ll be prompted with different tasks that you can do to earn extra entries. The winner will be randomly picked, so you’ll want to earn as many entries as possible to increase your odds at winning! The giveaway ends on Thursday November 7. Winner will be contacted the following day via email (please double-check your address when joining via email).

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