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15 Cool Lamps & Lighting Ideas

Anti-Gravity Floating Lamp:
The lamp that will certainly raise some questions and turn a few heads. This isn’t an optical illusion, the top part of the lamp really does float using magnetic levitational force. It is pure magic! Buy it here.

Balloon Lamp:
Balloon Lamp

Designed by Kouichi Okamoto, the balloon lamp uses a high-intensity LED light to illuminate whatever area you hang it in. The LED lets it run over 100 hours with the included lithium-ion batteries, and the balloon diffuses the light into a softly glowing orb.Buy it here

Philips LivingColors Translucent Changing LED Lamp:
Philips LivingColors
This LED lamp by Philips features a spectrum of over 16 million colors to choose from. You can select the color that suits your mood using the intuitive remote control that’s included with the lamp. Buy it here. {UK/Europe Buyers: Buy it here}

Jeeves Bowler Wall Light:
Jeeves Bowler Wall Light
A wall light inspired by the classic hat design. Features gold lining that reflects and diffusing the light beautifully. Buy it here.

Claret Bottle Pendant Lamps:
Claret Bottle Pendant Lamps
Pendant lights made from reclaimed wine bottles. Buy it here.

Floor Moon Lamp:
Floor Moon Lamp
This lamp is inspired by the moon and its ethereal emanation of light. The likeness of the moon is created by the material used called Nebulite and emphasized wtih a soft and intense mood lighting.Buy it here

Moon in My Room Light:
Uncle Milton Moon In My Room
Bring the beautiful sight of the moon right to your living room or bed room. The moon shaped lamp is remote controlled and can be set to 12 different lunar phases. Buy it here.

Giant Ice Cream Cone Lamp:
Giant Ice Cream Cone Lamp
A sweet giant Ice cream cone lamp will put lots of smiles on lots of faces when they see it! Buy it here.

Book Rest Lamp:
Book Rest Lamp
A nightlight combined with a book rest, the perfect combination! Made of frosted glass that gives off a soft light, rest your book on top of it when you’re done reading and your lamp with turn into a charming little house! Buy it here. {UK/Europe Buyers – Buy it here]

LED Light Balloons:
LED Light Balloons
Create a dreamy scene at your next party with these LED lit balloons. Inflate them with air or helium to float, and with a push of a button on top of the balloons, they’ll light up. Buy it here.

Nightlight with Portable Balls by Boon:
Nightlight with Portable Balls by Boon
A multi-colored interactive nightlight with removable illuminated GLO balls. The light balls don’t get hot and don’t break, so they make an awesome tool for a game of glow-in-the-dark catch! Children can even tuck them into bed with them and they’ll fade to dark within 30 minutes. Buy it here.

Light Container by Trunk to Think:
Light Container by Trunk to Think
Handmade with reclaimed wood, this container diffuses nice soft light and is great to place anywhere around the house. Buy it here.

Starry String Lights:
Starry String Lights
These beautiful lights give off a magical and fairy tale-like atmosphere. The lights are attached to a bendable wire, operate on batteries and are water resistant, so they’re perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Buy it here.

Illuminated City Lights Globe:
Illuminated City Lights Globe
The City Lights 10″ Globe automatically rotates and illuminates the cities of our world using a special patented induction system. Simply place your City Light globe on its elegant base and it will begin to magically revolve, displaying Earth’s unique light show.” Buy it here.

Glo Boy Solar Nightlight:
Glo Boy Solar Nightlight
During the day, Glo Boy sits feeling tired and sleepy. When night comes, flip him upside down and he will glow with happiness! Solar power lights him for up to 6 hours. Buy it here.

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