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Category: Food

Birthday Cupcake gift set is a delicious and thoughtful way to send someone special some unforgettable birthday wishes. Bake the chocolate cake mix right into the included re-usable “Hooray!” mug, then top the treat off with vanilla frosting, rainbow sprinkles, and a gold candle to make birthday wishes come true.Buy it here

Enjoy your city and eat it, too, with the Tamtik Edible Chocolate City Maps. More than just chocolate, these masterpiece maps sculpt your city from the best food in the world – premium chocolate. Handmade from design to taste to packaging, the Tamtik Chocolate City Maps puts your hometown in a whole new perspective.

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Fabulous silver plated spoon, personalized with your own words which are hidden under a thick layer of luxurious chocolate. Stir the spoon into warm milk to create a dreamy hot chocolate drink…and watch as the secret message is revealed! The spoons are personalized with your own words and then set in 100% Belgium chocolate. They will arrive with the customer wrapped in cellophane and tied with chiffon ribbon with tag and spoon charm.Buy it here

Solar System Lollipops
Stunning pack of handmade lollipops, each representing a planet of the Solar system. Flavours are: Sun (marshmallow), Mercury (tropical punch), Venus (cherry), Earth (cotton candy), Mars (pear), Jupiter (key lime), Saturn (guava), Uranus (blackberry), Neptune (mango) and Pluto (strawberry/kiwi). Buy it here

Around the World Chocolate Bars
Travel the world one bite at a time with this set of 5 worldly flavor chocolate bars. The chocolates combine unlikely flavors that will truly surprise you:

  • England: Luxurious milk chocolate infused with mild and fragrant Madras curry spices along with crunchy chip sticks.
  • USA: Creamy and crunchy peanut butter chocolate folded with real strawberries
  • Italy: A powerful burst of fruity coffee-flavored chocolate rolled with crunchy Amaretti biscuits
  • Germany: A dark and complex cherry-flavored chocolate filled with real cherries and sprinkled with indulgent white chocolate shavings
  • Japan: One to clear the nostrils. Creamy Belgian white chocolate laden with crunchy and spicy wasabi peas
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Panda Sandwich Maker Panda Sandwich Maker
Turn  your boring square sliced bread sandwich into an adorable Panda shaped munchie. Simply load your bread with your favoring fillings, press down using the Panda stamp then seal it using the cutter. Result is a sandwich too cute to eat, but you’ll eat it anyway. Buy Now

Kokeshi Bento Boxes Kokeshi Bento BoxesKokeshi Bento Boxes
Take your lunch and keep it as appetizing as when you made it. The Kokeshi Bento Boxes feature three stackable compartments, with an airtight lid in the middle. It keeps your lunch neatly organized and separated so you don’t end up eating mush. Apart from how useful they are, let’s take a moment to recognize how adorable they look. That alone makes them worth having!
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Whether you’re heading for school or work, never leave your geeky self behind. If you’re a fan of geeky shows or happened to have a geeky sense of humor, you’ll definitely find one of these cool lunchboxes perfect for you.

Star Wars R2-D2 Lunch Bag with Sound and Light:
R2D2 Star Wars Lunch Box

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Doctor Who TARDIS Tin Lunch Box:
Doctor Who Lunch Bag
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Organ Transport Lunch Cooler:
Human Organ Lunch Bag
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Ammo Lunch box:
Ammo Lunch
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Periodic Lunch Bag:
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Portal 2 Companion Cube Tin Lunch Box:
Portal 2 Companion Cube Lunchbox
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Retro Candy Grabber
Sure you can just go and grab your favorite candy, but isn’t it a lot more fun if you play to earn it?! Like an old-school arcade candy grabber, this little machine takes in fake coins (included) and gives you a minute and 15 seconds to grab as many candy as you can. Candy sure tastes better when you earn it! Buy Now

The Mug With a Hoop
Practice your Basketball skills with this fun mug with a hoop! Throw in your cereal, crackers in a soup or marshmallows in Hot Chocolate, if you can throw ’em through the tiny hoop, you know you’ve got skills! Buy Now

Breakfast Lollipop Set Breakfast Lollipop Set_
Have your favorite breakfast food in a totally new way, in the form of a lollipop! Each set includes 2 bacon Lollipops, 1 Donut, and 1 Waffle. As for the flavors, you’ll be savoring: Bacon flavor, Coconut flavor with Strawberry frosting for the Donut lollipop and Maple syrup flavor for the Waffle lollipop. $9.99 Buy Now

BBQ Fancy Box
BBQ Box Fancy
Now seems to be the perfect time to gear up for some good BBQ parties! With Memorial Day and Father’s Day on the way, and soon enough it’ll be summer, this Fancy Box full of BBQ tools is simply a must-have for the home cook! The box includes these awesome innovative tool:

  • Grill Wrangler: 3-in-1 tool that transforms from tongs to spatula to grilling fork
  • Metal Sliders: 4 metal skewers that guide food off when you’re ready to eat
  • Cyclone Spiral Hotdog Slicer: tool that slices wieners into perfect grilling spirals
  • Porter: BBQ tray that separates raw foods and requires no more than one trip from kitchen to grill
  • Glide Knife Cleaning Clip: device that clips onto a knife blade to glide food off
  • Stem Flavor Spray: tool that allows you to spray juice directly from a citrus fruit
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