Soft LED light beams out of this infusion bag filled with water. Just fill the bag with water – add color for different color lights – and plug it in. $12 Buy it here

Coasters made from highly absorbent cement that will suck in any liquid and keep it in while the surface of the coaster remains non-slippery and dry. Available in black or gray. $12.50 Buy it here

As tablets and cooking apps/eBooks become popular, special stands like this one by Belkin become a necessity at any cook’s home. The stand allows you to set your tablet in two viewing angles, making it easy to read or watch videos. It also comes with a magnetic tipped stylus perfect for when your hands are messy but need to touch the tablet’s screen. The stand features a non-slip design made specially for use on countertops.  Buy it here

I’m a proud owner of this mug and it’s possibly one of the cutest things I own. The little rabbit sitting on the handle of the mug is there to hold your tea bag or to simply look cute. $15 Buy it here

If you’re still struggling with your alarm clock, here’s one to wake you up in an 80s inspired way. Inspired by the classic retro arcade video game, the clock will move from side to side and will wake up up to noisy 8-bit video game music. €20/$26 Buy it here

Make cotton candy whenever you like in any flavor you can imagine! With this fun machine you can make cotton candy out of your favorite hard candy, use one flavor or a mix of many flavors, it’s your cotton candy! In case you’re worried about calories, you can always opt for sugar-free hard candy to make a somewhat healthier treat. And if you’re not a hard candy person, you can always choose from the available variety of cotton candy sugar. Buy it here