An innovative wall calendar that gives you a better vision of what a year looks like. Each day is pre-cut in a stamp-like square paper that you can tear-off at the end of the day (the Latin word Carpe literally translates to pluck or to pick or pluck-off). €8/$10 Buy it here

A very entertaining cup and saucer set. The saucer is made of 2 layers, with a flick you can spin the upper saucer while the cup is still in place. With this, the images on the saucer move and reflect on the mirrors on the cup, causing a marry-go-round effect. $70 Buy it here

If you’ve ever tried to save a pencil shaving just because it looked nice, you’ll really appreciate this necklace. Handmade from sterling silver, this beautiful pencil shaving is a true keeper. Available in 5 colors. $240 Buy it here