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1. On This Day Calendar – A heat sensitive calendar full of interesting facts. Touch one of the black squares with your finger and watch it disappear to reveal an interesting fact of something that happened on that day. Buy it here

2. The Sun, It Shines 2013 Calendar – This full colour print has each date, day and month as the rays around the sun – the perfect understated calendar. The reverse side has a large section of the water below the trees and mountains.  Buy it here

3. 2013 Mountain Calendar – Each outline of a mountain represents a month of the year, days are numbered along the outline.  Buy it here

4. Monthly Measure Calendar – Monthly Measure is both a monthly universal calendar and a ruler. The star is positioned on the serrated side of the ruler to show the day and date in the month. The date is easily changed by rolling the star along the ruler. The dates are placed every centimetre so Monthly Measure can also be used as a 30cm metric ruler. Buy it here

5. Cute Superheroes Calendar – 12 superheroes illustration for each month of the year.  Buy it here

6. Knitted Scar Calendar – As the year progresses, you can pull on a stitch that unwinds, allowing the calendar’s months to diminish as time passes.   Buy it here

7. Imbroglio Calendar – The plastic cursor frames and defines the numbers 1 -31 giving a hidden function to what appears to be a pleasing graphic print. In fact the word Imbroglio means hidden or muddled in France, where the design originates.  Buy it here

8. Gideon Dagan Perpetual Calendar – This boldly original calendar is designed to be used year after year. Simply move the two magnetic balls to mark the date and month.   Buy it here

9. Jumping Point Calendar – Just punch out the day’s dot to expose the vivid color underneath.  Buy it here

10. Animal Calendar – This calendar kit includes six different sturdy white paper animals, each with a one-month calendar on each side. Simply pop them out, assemble them, and stand them upright. Buy it here

Vintage/Polaroid Camera Pillows Buy it here


Vintage Camera Bookends Buy it here

TLR Camera screen printed glasses. Set of 4 Buy it here

Umbra Candid 3-Piece Vintage Camera Wall Decor Set Buy it here

Film Paper Towel Box  Buy it here

Vintage Camflash Nightlight  Buy it here

Vintage Camera Coin Bank  Buy it here

Photoshop Magnets  Buy it here

Camera Christmas Ornament Buy it here

Oh Snap! Art Print  Buy it here

Recycled Film Roll Magnets Buy it here

Ceramic Polaroid Coasters Buy it here

Stitchtagram Instagram Pillows Buy it here

For video gamers who are always told to put the controller down and read a book instead, these custom video game covers are a great way to make your games look sophisticated – old school Penguin paperback sophisticated – and give the illusion that you’re a big reader and your gaming addiction is under control. $6 for 3 covers. Buy it here [via]