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Tag: Perpetual Kid

Classic Rock Album Coasters

Protect your table from water rings and celebrate your love for classic rock with these vinyl record coasters. Choose from The Coaster’s Martini Glass (Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon), For Those About to Drink (ACDC’s For Those About to Rock),The Coaster’s Forty Sips (Rolling Stones’ Forty Licks), or The Coaster’s Cocktail Shaker (Led Zeppelin’s Self Titled Album). $5.99 Buy it here

Planning for an awesome Halloween party? We’ve gathered some of the coolest stuff you have in your next party. Skull shot glasses, zombie blood drinks, freezing brain ice cubes, skeleton cake and disgusting body part lollies… these are some of the cool stuff you can have at your Halloween party to impress your friends and family!


Fantastic Unplastic Tray

So you probably bake cookies way better than the ones from the store, or maybe not, but you’d like to fool people anyway? Then try serving them in this glass tray made to look just like the tray store-bought cookies come in. $24.99 Buy it here

Get creative and color your food with ketchup and mustard using these “Crayums”. The Crayon shaped squeeze bottles are reusable and hold 8 ounces of ketchup or mustard. $12.49 Buy it here